Quest For Camelot

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Kill Bosses Easily
To kill bosses easily, trap them against a wall and attack them with your sword!

Getting Money and Hearts
When you are low on money or hearts, if you have the shovel, just start digging in alot of areas. This is an easy way to get $999, and maximum amount of hearts. This will not work in all areas, but it will work in most.

Free Health
You must have atleast 30 jewels for this to work. When you’ve only got one heart left and you’re near a save point, save the game, restart, and load it. You’ll be where you were with a full complement of hearts.

Print intermission scenes:

Press Select during an intermission scene to print it on a Game Boy

Full hearts:

Obtain at least thirty jewels. When down to your last heart, save
the game, then restart and load that saved game. Your hearts will
be restored to full.

More money and energy:

Use the shovel to dig at every location to increase your money and

Defeating Bosses:

Maneuver a Boss against a wall, then keep hitting it with your

010518C1 Infinite Health