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Once you get the bright wiz. you should use his spell(i forget the
name)the one that drops a fire ball on the enemy, it almost never kills
the enemy, but it almost always scares them and doing so will let your
guys deal with the enemy less at a time(cause you can scare most of the
enemy away for awhile).
In the first mission in the clump of trees behind the bilding north of your
starting position you will find the Sword of Might (it sharens it’s self when
dwarves are near) In the “Sven Caralson” mission you will find the Dragon Blade next to the snow
man at the north east corner of the map next to the snow man. note: If you want a complete list of magical items goto:
the tips above are acredited to them There are some missions in this game that are just plain suiside and hence a
waste of time (unless you have the maney and units to spare to look for
magical items) so if the odds look unbeatable they probably are 🙂