Battle Hunter

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Cheat :

Super characters:Enter SHUICHI as a name to create a new hunter with +2 Movement, 4 Attack, 0 Defense, and 19 HP. Enter VIKEIF as a name to create a new hunter with +1 Movement, 7 Attack, 1 Defense, and 16 HP. Note: These characters cannot be upgraded. Level select:Press L1 + L2 then hold R1 + R2 at the start of the game. Wait for the sound, then release the buttons. Press Left, Right, L1, L2, Left, R1, R2, Right.

Hint :

Hint: Duplicate items:Have two Hunters. The first Hunter should have an open item slot and the second Hunter should have the item to be duplicated. Make sure that you save the second Hunter before going into battle. Go into battle, have the first Hunter attack the second Hunter. Then, have the second Hunter surrender the item to be duplicated. Finish the battle. Without saving the second Hunter, reload him. Now both Hunters should have the same item. It is best to duplicate something such as the Unit X because your can sell it for $15,000 and level up faster.