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Uprising 2 : Lead and Destroy

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More Cheat Codes:

stormy – Rainy.
way mo money – +5000.
slick – Die. done – Win scenario.
yoyo – Invincible.
clearsky – Clear.
flurry – Snow.

Cheat Codes:

CHUMP -Invincibility
Press [M], type CHUMP, and then hit [Enter].

DANGEROUS -Unlimited weapons
Press [M], type DANGEROUS, and then hit [Enter].

TUFF ASS -Super weapons
Press [M], type TUFF ASS, and then hit [Enter].

SUPER CHUMP -Super speed, Invincibility
Press [M], type CHUMP again, and then hit [Enter]. You are now in SUPER CHUMP mode.

DANGEROUS CHUMP -Unlimited weapons, invincibility Press [M], type DANGEROUS CHUMP, and then hit [Enter]. You are now in DANGEROUS CHUMP mode.