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Rise of Nations: Gold Edition

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Rise of Nations: Gold Edition is a captivating and immersive real-time strategy game that will transport you through the annals of time, from the ancient age to the modern era. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, this PC game offers a unique blend of city-building, resource management, and tactical warfare.

As you lead your civilization to greatness, you’ll need to make strategic decisions on everything from diplomacy to military tactics. Will you focus on expanding your borders peacefully through trade and alliances, or will you conquer your rivals through sheer force of arms? The choice is yours in Rise of Nations: Gold Edition.

With a wide array of units, technologies, and wonders to unlock, no two games are ever the same. Whether you prefer to build a towering empire that spans continents or unleash devastating military campaigns, there’s something for every armchair general in this epic game.

So gather your troops, rally your allies, and prepare for the ultimate test of strategy and skill in Rise of Nations: Gold Edition. Are you ready to lead your civilization to glory?

Rise of Nations: Gold Edition Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat Mode

Cheats can be activated while playing by pressing the Return key, which will bring up a chat box. Type the code and then press Return again to activate the code.Note that the “cheat nuke” code still drops the Armageddon countdown by one. When the counter reaches zero, all the players automatically lose.Note that with the “cheat reveal” code you can only see the terrain. The fog of war still prevents you from seeing changes in enemy territory until you bring at least one unit there.

cheat finishAutomatically finishes building the selected item in your build queue.
cheat birdCreates a bird where the pointer rests.
cheat safeCreates a platoon of machine gunners around your capital city. Can be repeated as often as is necessary.
cheat dieDestroys whatever unit or building the pointer has selected.
cheat nukeDetonates a nuclear explosion wherever the pointer happens to be (be careful of its location before you enter this code).
cheat sandboxReveals the map and brings all computer opponents under your control.
cheat revealReveals the map.

Cheat mode:
Press “Enter” during game play, then type one of the following codes
to enable the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Full map cheat reveal
Instant construction cheat finish
Kill selected unit cheat die
Nuke pointer location cheat nuke
Spawn 10 submachine gunners cheat safe
Spawn a bird cheat bird
Control all players on map cheat sandbox
Change all library tech advances cheat library
Change civic level for nation cheat civic
Change age level for nation cheat age
Change commerce level for nation cheat commerce
Change science level for nation cheat science
Add to all resources cheat resource
Enable cheat keys cheat keys on

Cheat keys (after enabling cheat keys):

Effect Code
Add 1,000 to all resources Alt + F5
Speed up selected research,
building, or unit in progress Alt + F9