Tropico 2 : Pirate Cove

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Cheat Mode

The cheats in Tropico 2 are activated by first holding down the Apple and Shift keys, typing a code, and then releasing them. To enable the “goape” and “goforit” codes, you must first select a pirate or a captive, respectively.

timberAdds 100 lumber to your supply.
bootyAdds 2,000 gold to your supply.
britinvCauses a British invasion.
frenchinvCauses a French invasion.
spaininvCauses a Spanish invasion.
goforitMakes the selected captive try to escape.
goapeMakes the selected pirate become enraged.
loseitMakes you automatically lose the game.
winitMakes you automatically win the game.
normbuildResumes the normal building rules.
freebuildSuspends the normal building rules.