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Cheat :

Hidden message:Press X during game play.

Hint :

When you are joining atoms together, do not place a pink atom on the edge of thescreen as you will be unable to complete your chain due to the unsatisfiedrequirements.Always exchange a rabbit atom with one of the same colour within the chain youare building to make sure that you get rid of it as quickly as possible, becauseevery rabbit atom on the screen speeds up the amount of atoms produced.Build your chain in the middle of the game area and place all unwanted atoms onthe outside edge to prevent cluttering. Try to make sure that all unwanted atomsare touching because you will be able to destroy them all if you get aradioactive atom and add it the line of unwanted atoms.Be careful when placing heavy atoms because once you place them, you can’t movethem. Try to build them into the middle of a chain, or exhange them with atomsin a chain which you know you you will not be changing i.e. a heavy pink atomwith a centrepiece pink atom. If you cannot do this, dump it on the edge and tryto nuke it.In the bonus levels, click quickly around the edge a lot of times to gain aselection of atoms to build a chain with. If you have a selection of atoms itwill be easier to construct a chain within the time limit.

Hidden message:

Press X during game play.