Game Boy Advance

Tom and Jerry Tales

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Tom and Jerry Tales for Game Boy Advance is a thrilling and action-packed game that brings the classic cat and mouse duo to life in a whole new way. Join Tom and Jerry as they engage in hilarious antics and outsmart each other in a series of challenging levels and mini-games.

Players will have the chance to control both Tom and Jerry as they navigate through various environments, including the iconic house and garden settings. Use clever strategies and quick reflexes to outwit your opponent and achieve victory in this fast-paced game.

With vibrant graphics, catchy music, and engaging gameplay, Tom and Jerry Tales is sure to provide hours of entertainment for fans of all ages. So grab your Game Boy Advance and get ready to experience the timeless fun of Tom and Jerry in a whole new way!

Tom and Jerry Tales Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Status Passwords

Enter at Password Screen…

RNFF7Back yard; level 2
68LQTBackyard; level 1
GL46RBackyard; level 3
TR9NZBackyard; level 4
6PL4GBackyard; passage to dinning room
K7ZCLBedroom; level 1
BNY43Bedroom; level 2
PH45NBedroom; level 3
8LV3HBedroom; level 4
JGWSDBedroom; passage to back yard
SF2K8Dinning room; level 1
8TKYTDinning room; level 2
XLXGLDinning room; level 3
3F2BHGame room; level 1
F85TFGame room; level 2
BBR5RGame room; level 3
HL8BRGame room; level 4
M9MYFGame room; passage to bedroom
XH2J6Kitchen; level 1
CL2WRKitchen; level 2
MF9THKitchen; level 3
XHUBFKitchen; level 4
PLZ98Kitchen; passage to living room
XLXSLLiving room; level 1
MPS99Living room; level 2
CR54DLiving room; level 3
QZ65WLiving room; level 4
QXH67Living room; passage to game room

Status Password

Backyard: passage to dinning room 6PL4G
Backyard: level 1 68LQT
Back yard: level 2 RNFF7
Backyard: level 3 GL46R
Backyard: level 4 TR9NZ
Bedroom: passage to back yard JGWSD
Bedroom: level 1 K7ZCL
Bedroom: level 2 BNY43
Bedroom: level 3 PH45N
Bedroom: level 4 8LV3H
Dinning room: level 1 SF2K8
Dinning room: level 2 8TKYT
Dinning room: level 3 XLXGL
Game room: passage to bedroom M9MYF
Game room: level 1 3F2BH
Game room: level 2 F85TF
Game room: level 3 BBR5R
Game room: level 4 HL8BR
Kitchen: passage to living room PLZ98
Kitchen: level 1 XH2J6
Kitchen: level 2 CL2WR
Kitchen: level 3 MF9TH
Kitchen: level 4 XHUBF
Living room: passage to game room QXH67
Living room: level 1 XLXSL
Living room: level 2 MPS99
Living room: level 3 CR54D
Living room: level 4 QZ65W