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Disc #1 Codes
Bulletin Board: to enter a cool contest screen hold down Triangle and circle and rapidly tap Square.
The Code Book: To see the new look of memory cartridges hold down Triangle and Circle and rapidly tap Square.
The Event Center: To see a cool FMV clip called “where are they now?” hold down Triangle and Circle and rapidly tap Square. Disc #2 Codes
Resident Evil 2 clip: Press Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.
Our Lady Peace Music Video: Press Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle
Bootleg Video from Twisted Metal 1: Hold Circle and Triangle and rapidly tap Square. Self-Rap
On the demo selection screen, highlight “Parappa the Rapper” and wait. Eventually the demo will play itself. Hidden Demos
On the screen where you choose a demo to view, press L1 or R2 and the game you’ve selected will flip over revealing a code. Enter that code quickly to see the hidden demo. Here’s what you’ll find:
Porsche Challenge: Circle Circle Triangle – Fighting Force (Playable Demo)
CART World Series: Square Triangle Square – Cardinal Syn Video
Raystorm: Circle Square Circle – Spawn Video
Treasures of the Deep: Square Triangle Circle – Blasto Video
Intelligent Qube: Square Circle Triangle – Tomb Raider 2 Video
Parappa the Rapper: Triangle Triangle Square – Exodus Video
Ace Combat 2: Circle Square Triangle – Crash 2 Video
NFL Gameday 98: Triangle Circle Square – PSX Underground Video
If these are entered correctly you’ll hear a happy noise