The Elder Scrolls : The Arena

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Duplicate rare quest items:

Kill the player character and get item that you wish to duplicate. Open the console
window and enable the player->ra code to get the desired player character back.
Repeat the quest as often as desired to get as many rare items as needed.

God Mode

Anytime during gameplay, press the ~ key to bring up the Console Menu and
type TGM and then press enter. God Mode will then be activated. To turn it off,
simply type it again.

Cheat List :

Press ~ to display the console and type player-> and one of the following cheats:

Effect – Cheat:

Flight mode – setflying 1
Super jumps – setsuperjump 1
Walk on water – setwaterwalking 1
Breathe underwater – setwaterbreathing 1
Set player level – setlevel [number]
Add indicated amount of gold – additem “Gold_100” [number]
Set maximum fatigue value – setfatigue [number]
Set maximum magic value – setmagicka [number]
Set player health – sethealth [number]
Place character in the named cell – centeroncell -or- coc [cell ID]
Place character in exterior cell grid – centeronexterior -or- coe [x,y]
Create map image file for Xbox – createmaps [“filename.esp”]
Add all entries to journal – filljournal
Show all the towns on full map – fillmap
Teleport 128 units from location – fixme
Get faction reaction – getfactionreaction [faction ID]
Show help commands – help
Show variables – showvars -or- sv
Stop cell test – stopcelltest -or- sct
Test cells – testcells -or- tc
Test interior cells – testinteriorcells -or- tic
Test models – testmodels -or- t3d
Toggle AI – toggleai -or- ta
Toggle borders – toggleborders -or- tb
Toggle combat statistics – togglecombatstats -or- tcs
Toggle collisions – togglecollision -or- tcl
Toggle collision boxes – togglecollisionboxes -or- tcb
Toggle collision grid – togglecollisiongrid -or- tcg
Toggle debug text – toggledebugtext -or- tdt
Toggle dialogue statistics – toggledialoguestats -or- tds
Toggle fog of war – togglefogofwar -or- tfow
Toggle God mode – togglegodmode -or- tgm
Toggle grid – togglegrid -or- tg
Toggle kill statistics – togglekillstats -or- tks
Toggle load fade – toggleloadfade
Toggle magic statistics – togglemagicstats -or- tms
Toggle magic statistics – togglemagicstats -or- tms
Toggle menus – togglemenus -or- tm
Toggle path grid – tpg
Toggle scripts – togglescripts
Toggle stats – togglestats -or- tst
Toggle sky – togglesky -or- ts
Toggle texture string – toggletexturestring -or- tts
Toggle wireframe – togglewireframe -or- twf
Toggle world – toggleworld -or- tw
Show ownership and script name – togglefullhelp -or- tfh
Show selected actor’s party – sg
Show selected actor’s targets – st
Show scene graph – showscenegraph -or- ssg
One to one mode – moto
Toggle water/no water – twa
Toggle vanity mode – tvm
Toggle script output – tso
Toggle load fade – tlf
Toggle bot AI – tai
Display output info – ori
Toggle lighting – tl
Show variables – sv
Show animations – sa
Reset enemies, NPCs, players – ra
Purge textures – pt