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Ultima Online: Renaissance

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Hint :

Tip: Manage your skills wisely. The total cap is 700 skill points, and those not used over long periods of time will be lost.Tip: Use customizable macros often. You want to be able to get out of jams quickly. Tip: If you value your items, bank them. Banks are the safest places to store valuables. Tip: Before entering group combat, ask permission. In many cases, players there can handle their own battles. They just need to improve skill points. Tip: Not all cities or towns in Britannia are accessible via public portals. Some can only be accessed via ship or teleportation. Tip: Some of the remotest parts of Britannia have healers who can resurrect you should you die. Thus, it’s not always necessary to go to a town. Tip: For beginners, joining new tickets can be confusing. To receive the prize, a player has to have both halves in possession and click both halves.