Super Mario Bros. DX

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Unlimited Continues
At the Game Over screen, hold A to continue.

Play as Luigi
At the Map, press Select. Press Select again to revert back to Mario.

Play Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2
Beat Classic game twice without warping.

Level Select
Beat the first quest.

Album Pictures
Perform the following actions in any order:

Clear world 8-4 (2 pics)
Get fireworks after a level
Find a hidden 1-up
Find a bean stalk
Kill a Goomba
Kill a squid thing
Kill Latiku (guy who throws Spinys)
Kill a fish
Kill a Hammer Bro
Kill a bullet guy
Kill a Koopa Troopa (any)
Kill a beatle guy
Kill 4 Bowsers

Access You vs. Boo
Get a minimum of 100,000 points, than at the Title screen, select Boo.

Access Lost Levels
Get a minimum score of 300,000 points, then at the Title screen, select Luigi.

01017EC1 Always have 296 in time left. When you jump on a
01287DC1 pole at the end of a level you should turn code off to continue.

0101C5C1 Always be Super Mario. You will never get killed unless you
Fall into a hole or lava.
0101CEC1 Always have Fire balls even if small.

0102C1C1 Walk Through everything. It should be used with the always
be Super Mario code. If you need to go down a pipe turn off the codes and
get hit, you will then be in normal mode. You must turn the codes off
before you try to hit a pole or you will get stuck. Also you will need to
turn off the codes and get hit by Bowser before you can get the axe.
I recommend this code only for Levels 8-1 through 8-3.

01FF8EC1 + 01FF8FC1 + 01FF8FC1 + 01FF91C1 Activates all challenge
levels. Codes must be off to start the game. Go into a level and turn on
codes, then save. You will then be able to do any challenge level.

010392C1 Activates the Lost levels and Boo vs Game. Enter code then
go into a level turn code on. Save and end level. You can now click on Luigi
and play the Lost levels.

01FF29C4 + 01FF2AC4 + 01FF2BC4 + 01FF2CC4 Activates all pictures.
Follow above instructions.