Super Hydlide

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Sound Test
Follow the directions above to go to the deserted village. To hear the sound effects, go to the upper left building. In this building you can cycle through the different game sounds!

Light Saber
To acquire the Light Saber (the best weapon in the game) you must first get the Silver Sword. The Silver Sword is located in front of a gravestone on the screen to the right of the Subterranean City. Then warp to the Heavenly City and enter the Heavenly Palace. The Light Saber will be laying on the floor at the most northwestern point of the palace. Once, you have the Light Saber, sell the Silver Sword, it will be useless now. Remember, you MUST have the Silver Sword to get the Light Saber.

Hidden Money
When the game starts you will begin in the City of the Forest. After you get some information from the townspeople, exit the town, go out into Fairie Land, and go five screens to the left. There, you will see a cave. Enter the cave and you will appear in a deserted village. Walk around the first wooden fence and head downward. Your character will now magically walk onto the brick wall! Walk left again into the patch of trees and go to the clearing in the middle. Press B and you’ll find 10,000 gold pieces!

Free Experience
Use this trick to build up experience points quickly. Go to the pond in the City of the Woods. Stand on the left side, at the bottom of the bridge. Use a coin, then search the ground. Each time you do this you’ll get 30 experience points.

Finding The Subterranean City
To find the Subterranean City, you must get out of the city of the forest. Next, you must go right two screens and up seven screens. After that, go to the three blocks that look like a right angle, and go under the bottom left one and walk toward it and it will move. Go into the hole and you will find a city that has very powerful weapons and armor.

Defeating Kaizack
To defeat the final boss, shoot off all his arms. He will stay motionless. Enter his mouth while continually firing your weapon. If you have enough hit points you will easily defeat Kaizack and win the game.

Hidden gold and sound test:

Game play starts in the City of the Forest. After speaking

to the townspeople, leave the town and enter into Fairie Land.

Move five screens to the left and enter a cave at this location.

You will discover a deserted village. Walk around the first

wooden fence and walk downward. Your character will walk onto

the brick wall. Continue to move to the left, onto the patch of

trees, and enter the middle clearing of trees. Press B

to collect 10,000 gold pieces. Enter the top left building to

find the sound test. Once inside, each of the game’s sound may

be heard.

Easy experience points:

Locate the pond in the City of the Woods. Stand on the left

side, at the bottom of the bridge. “Use” a coin, then

search the ground to collect 30 experience points.

Defeat the final Boss:

Kaizack will remain motionless after each of his arms has

been shot off. Enter his mouth while continuously firing. He may

be easily defeated if you have a large amount of hit points.