Sega Genesis

Road Rash III

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Fast Bikes, Loose Cash, and Level 5

At the password screen, enter “r7ef-tu0r” for $250,000 and a fast bike on level five.

Fast Bikes and Loose Cash

For a hot time on a hot bike, go to the password screen and set the fourth digit to ‘2’ and the sixth digit to ‘U’.

Unlimited Cash

First put it in 2 player mode, then set split screen. Then choose weapon and level. Exit and you will have unlimited money.

Easy Money

To start on level 5 with $45,000, enter the password “SPU1 5903”.

Cheaper Repair Cost

During the game when your bike has no more hp DO NOT go back to your bike and let it wreck when you touch it. Instead start jogging up the road. After a while a police officer (like OFFICER 11 etc…) on a bike will come up and arrest you. You will still have to pay the ticket, but when you start the race again your bike will be as good as new! PS If you do so you will discover that paying the ticket is a lot cheaper then paying the repair cost.

Free Bike

To get any bike without using your money go to two player mode and choose the bike you want.
Yhen simply put the game on one player mode and start the game. You will have the bike you picked.

Faster Times at Ridgemont High

Tom Cruise, eat your heart out. The password “15s9 puo3” will give you $200,000, all upgrades, and the best bike in the game!