Stuntman: Ignition

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Cheat Mode

Enter one of the following codes..

COOLPROPAdditional props and tools for Stunt Creator
NOBLEMANAll items in Construction mode
ICEAGEIce Wheels
HEDUKENitro Addiction
HOLLYWOODSlow-Mo Cool and Thrill Cam
GFXMODESUnlocks Graphic Modes with L3 button Dream, RC Car, Puke Cam, All Combined, and Normal
WEAREFROZENVision Switcher

Easy two wheel

To easily perform a two wheel stunt, such as in “Clowning Around”, just line up the driver side wheels and take a little speed to master the stunt. To do it for a long time just keep going left and right (like balancing).

Master code:

Enter KUNGFOOPETE to unlock all bonuses.

MVX Spartan:

Enter FASTRIDE as a code.

All vehicles:

Enter RANDARLUV as a code.

Nitro Addiction:

Enter THEDUKE as a code.

Ice Wheels:

Enter ICEAGE as a code.

Freaky Fast:

Enter SLINGPOO as a code.


Enter IMATREX as a code.

Slow-Mo Cool and Thrill Cam:

Enter HOLLYWOOD as a code.

Vision Switcher:

Enter WEAREFROZEN as a code.

Faster game speed:

Enter OVERCRANK as a code.

Additional props and tools for Stunt Creator:

Enter COOLPROP as a code to unlock the landmine and explosive ramp props.

Track arena and Ice arena in Construction mode:

Enter STEELEJUSTIN as a code.

All items in Construction mode:

Enter NOBLEMAN as a code.

Graphics modes:

Enter GFXMODES as a code.