Street Fighter 3 : Second Impact

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Special Colors

Pick the person that you want and press the medium punch and the hard punch at the same time.

Play as Akuma

To play as Akuma, perform the following steps.
Start a new game
Highlight Ryu and tap DOWN, DOWN, UP
Highlight Ken and tap UP, UP, DOWN
Highlight Ryu and tap UP
Highlight Ken and tap DOWN
Highlight Sean and tap DOWN, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, UP, UP
Press any button when Akuma’s box appears.

Secret Opponent

To find your secret opponent, start a new game and select any character. Next, perform five Super Finishes without losing a round. When you’ve performed your last Super Finish, the screen will say “Your Challenger Has Found You…” Good luck!

Fight Akuma

To fight Akuma, get three perfects without losing a round. Akuma will appear after Gill. If you Super Finish him every round, he will return to life and you will fight him as Super Turbo Akuma.