Cruis’n USA

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Secret Stages

At the Choose Race screen, hold the following for hidden courses:

L Button + Left C + Down CGolden Gate Park
L Button + Up C + Right CIndiana
L Button + Right C + Down CSan Francisco

3 New Cars

On the car selection screen, hold the top, bottom, and left C buttons. While your holding these buttons, scroll through the 4 cars. Three of them will be replaced with a school bus, an ATV, and a police car.

Flashing Lights

Complete a course and get a top 10 time on it. After you get your initials up there, press down until you see the conveyor, then press left. After 30 seconds of holding left, you will see a head go by and it will say ”I love this job” Now select the Police Car or the School Bus (see the hidden car code on this page) and press BRAKE, BRAKE, GAS while in the race to activate it. The school bus has flashing lights…but the Police Car has cooler flashing lights AND a siren!

Nitro Boosting

During any race, achieve a time that makes the top ten list of scores for that level. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and hold the control stick to the left for about thirty seconds. A person’s head will roll on the conveyor belt when done correctly. Now, select a car that is fully powered-up and begin a race. Every checkpoint you travel through earns you one Nitro boost. To use this boost, press brake, brake, brake, gas, brake, and gas.

Bonus Cars:

For access to some secret cars, hold View 2 at the car selection
screen. You’ll gain a school bus, an ATV, and a police car.

Bonus Tracks:

To access three tracks that you normally can not race without “Crusin’
the USA”, go to the track selection screen and hold the View buttons
shown below.

Code Track

1+2 US 101 becomes Golden Gate Park
1+3 Beverly Hills becomes Indiana
2+3 Grand Canyon becomes San Francisco

New Car:

Go to the car select screen. Put the wheel at the first car. Hold View
1, turn the wheel all the way to the right, all the way to the left, all
the way to the right, all the way to the left, all the way to the right,
and all the way to the left. Press the gas. The red Ferrarri will turn
greenish-blue. It is faster and more stable than a regular Ferrarri.

Super Car:

At the car selection screen hold the red view button and turn the
steering wheel all the way to the left then all the way to right so it
is on the selection of the Ferrari. Then when select it and push the
start button rapidly until it becomes a greyish colour. This is the
fastest and most stable car in the game.

Turbo Boost:

While driving, pump the gas twice and you will do a wheelie get a brief
turbo boost.