Space Station Silicon Villey

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Space Walk In Fat Bear Mountain, you can walk in space using the following steps: (1) Kill pretty much everything in the level; (2) Bring the bear and the racing dog in front of the entrance to the sheep’s dipping pool; (3) While using the bear, put the racing dog’s body in front of the small cliff; (4) Using bear frenzy, jump on top of the dog and onto the cliff, which you can easily access with a racing animal; (5) Become the dog and jump over the ramp, which will put you on the cliff with the bear; (6) To your left, there is another cliff which you cannot get up. Put the dog’s body right in front of the cliff and repeat Step (4); (7) When you are up there, walk close to the wall in a diagonal fashion and soon you will find a wide gap in the wall, and you will be able to space walk “your way back to Earth.” Finally, to make sure you are walking, turn around and use the second-person view. You will see that the area has become smaller, and you are in the middle of space. Gold EVO To play as gold EVO, simply collect all 15 power cells from each level. Now go to the last level, where you play as EVO in robot form, he will be all gold! Dan’s Rocket Ship Fire On the first level A SMASHING START go to the glass so you can see Dan. Make sure you are the dog. Dan will make a comment. After that Bark 5 times when you are on the glass and the rocket ship will try to take off. Fry Flossy Get Flossy (the crying sheep) to stand in the back of the Dan’s rocket in the very first level. Now (as the dog) run to the cockpit window and bark until Dan fires the rockets. Flossy will turn into a gold statue.
Gold Pieces
The Engine Room – To get the gold peice you have to destroy all of the 11 computers scattered around the level. After you do this go to the rat hole while being the rat and there you will find the gold peice. (The rat hole is next to one of the computers so it is easy to find). Have A Nice Day! – To get the gold peice in this level all you have to do is race the racing dog and win. If you do this the gold peice is on a hill and yours. A Smashing Start – Get Flossy the crying shee) to stand behind Dan’s rocket. Now (as the dog) run to the cockpit window and bark until Dan fires the rockets. Flossy will turn into a gold statue. Honeymoon Lagoon – There are blue rings floating all around, go through all of them and the souvaneir will appear in the cove. The Battery Farm – Kill all of the animals and the souveneir will appear in the chimney of the house. Fat Bear Mountain – With the mouse switch on all 3 of the levers and the souvaneir will appear on one of the ledges. Snow Joke – Flip the light switch off and an orange platform will appear. Grab a rabbit and hop onto the platform. It will carry you to the souveneir. Ice ‘n’ Easy Does It – Kill all 3 walruses with the Heli-rabbit and the souvenier will appear by the igloo.
Penguin Playpen – Kill the 3 sharks at the beginning and the trophy appears near the seagull. Hoppa Choppa – Kill all of the rabbits using the heli-rabbit. Jungle Japes – Move the three rocks at the start down into the three holes at the bottom of the level (NB: the center one is hard to move). Jungle Doldrums – With the parrot at the end – fly up high to the start and it is above the start teleporter. Weight For it – Use the gorilla to throw rocks through the red rings. Jungle Jumps – Use various animals to go through all the blue rings. Fun In The Sun – Kill all of the desert foxes. Hot Cross Buns – Kill all the red scorpions and using the vulture put them all into the pool which eats them and spits out silver scorpions then collect them all. Sting In The Tail – Kill all of the scorpions. Borassic Park – Break off the three teeth from the giant dinosaur skull with the moving eyes. Whirlwind Tour – Kill all of the scorpions. Shifting Sands – Go into the red and white striped tent and come out and there will be a depression in the sand with 4 pillars – go there and follow the swirl of sand and eventually the trophy appears