Small Arms

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Unlockable Characters

Small Arms unlockable Characters:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Play as Billy Ray LoggDefeat Billy Ray Logg in Mission mode.
Play as ISO-7982Complete Mission mode.
Play as Mousey McNutsDefeat Mousey McNuts in Mission mode.
Play as Professor Von BrownDefeat Professor Von Brown in Mission mode.


Do the following tasks to unlock the following achievements and their alloted gamerscore.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Challenge x15 (10)Defeat 15 opponents in Challenge Mode
Challenge x50 (20)Defeat 50 opponents in Challenge Mode
Combo x2 (15)Kill 2 opponents in rapid succession
Combo x5 (20)Kill 5 opponents in rapid succession
Complete Mission Mode (20)Awarded for completing Mission Mode
Completed Training (10)Complete the Single Player training mode with any character
Marksmanship (25)Score over 10,000 in the ‘Shooting Range’
Played 100 Matches (25)Play 100 matches either offline or on Xbox LIVE
Six Degrees of Small Arms (0)Play online to ‘catch’ this elusive Achievement
Won 10 Matches (10)Win 10 matches in Single Player or by playing on Xbox Live
Won 100 Matches (25)Win 100 matches in Mission Mode or Battle Mode
Won 50 Matches (15)Win 50 matches in Single Player or by playing on Xbox Live