Marble Blast Ultra

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Head Start

During a single player game, immediately pause the game after restarting. Go to the leaderboards and then exit. Upon returning to the game your marble should not be bounded to the starting circle. This will give you a couple seconds of a head start. However your blast meter will not start to fill until the starting circle ends its animation.


Complete the following to unlock Marble Blast Ultra’s Achievements:

Timely Marble
Finish any level under par time.

Egg Seeker
Find any hidden easter egg.

Apprentice’s Badge
Complete all Beginner Levels.

Journeyman’s Badge
Complete all Intermediate Levels.

Adept’s Badge
Complete all Advanced Levels.

Marble-fu Initiate
Finish all Beginner levels under par time.

Marble-fu Master
Finish all Intermediate levels under par time.

Marble-fu Transcendent
Finish all Advanced levels under par time.

Egg Basket
Find all twenty easter eggs.

First Place
Get first place in a multiplayer match.

Gem Collector
Get 75 points in a multiplayer match.

Veteran Battler
Collect 2,000 total points in multiplayer.