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Cheat Mode

Just type the code during gameplay and it should work

FUNDDo not need money
eradStarve yourself
fredTo see what it looks like when you win

Actions: Results:

QEEN –> Gives you another queen
JUST –> Get 10 fertilized queens
OOPS –> Red ants get 10 fertilized queens
RAND –> #DCDC00 and gets full health
ERAD –> #DCDC00 and loses health
SUSI –> #DCDC00 and get unlimited health
JENN –> Black colony get unlimited health
JEFF –> New black ant colonies everywhere
FRED –> Win the game
HOLE –> Makes more ant holes
WILL –> Always win fights with red ant
MICK –> Spider walks backward
FUND –> Message saying $10,000 is worthless
JOKE –> Brings up a joke