Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

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Cheat :

View unexplored locations:Hold the Left Mouse Button when getting ready to move a unit. Move the unit over the map grid. As it passes over each grid square, coordinates and distance will be displayed, along with text associated with landmarks and cities, even if the square is unexplored (blacked out). Map editor:Press [Ctrl] + K during game play to enter the map editor. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect. Note: Using this method will mark you as a cheater.Effect Code Change year [Shift] + [F5] Create unit [Shift] + [F1] Discovery technology [Shift] + [F2] Edit energy credits [Shift] + [F4] Edit Faction diplomacy [Shift] + [F9] Full map Y Kill opponent [Shift] + [F6] Switch sides and reset view [Shift] + [F3] View FMV sequences [Shift] + [F8] View replay [Shift] + [F7] Cheat mode:Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the text file in the “/firaxis/sid meiers alpha century/” folder. Inside these files are the variables the game uses to start with. For example, in the Spartans file, look for the word TECH in the first few paragraphs. Next to it is the number “1”. Change this to any number, such as “20”. Start the game and choose the spartan Faction. After you land you will get to immediately choose 20 technological advances. Although you can change a lot of these variables in the game, some of them can freeze or shut down the game.

Hint :

Hint: Easy win:Always try to ally other factions (treaty or truce). If you can ally everyone, vendetta one at a time to focus on one faction while not getting attacked by others.Hint: Drop anyone:To drop any unit (an all your units) all you need it one drop unit. Press the [Drop] hot key and the cursor will change to the parachute. Then, select the unit you want to drop. It can be anything — a probe team, former, colony pod, ground troop without drop capability, helicopter, or even a boat. Then all you have to do is drop the unit where you desire, as you normally would. You can even capture bases with aircraft this way. It is also great for extending your aircraft’s range and very powerful with orbital insertions.Hint: Air cover:Land units cannot attack air units. Air units cannot attack air units. Unless you have SAMs, air units are invulnerable. However, not only are the air units invulnerable, but so are any ground or sea units in the same square. If you do not want your ships or ground troops attacked as they make the slow march to an enemy base, simply park a plane on top.Hint: Ambush helicopters:Helicopters that have run out of fuel and are sitting in the open can be attacked by anyone, not just SAM units.Hint: Start with Advanced Units:When you start, choose “Load Game”, then select a game from far in the future where your tech is extremely high. Cancel out instead of actually starting the game, then start a new game. You will then be able to build a wide assortment of units from the game you were about to load and your first Scout might be a Scout Hovertank. You will not be able to build any of them for awhile due to lack of minerals, but once your population starts getting higher, you can use them to conquer all with ease. Hint: Save money:Instead of hurrying production, select “Hurry”, then select “Make Partial Payment”. Instead of using the paying the full amount to complete the construction, you can choose to pay an amount to get production down to one turn to go. For example, if hurrying production would cost 350 minerals with 5 turns to go, you would make a partial payment of about 4*(350/5)=280 minerals. Production is still done the next turn, since you have paid 4 turns worth of minerals. Hint: Free support:If you can get your unit inside a base you, can support it from that base. This includes bases belonging to your ally. Take your troops to allied bases and support from there. You will not have to support your units anymore. This does not even affect your ally’s minerals.

Map editor:
Press “Ctrl + K” during game play to enter the map editor. Enter one of the
following codes to activate the corresponding effect.

Effect Code
Change year Shift + F5
Create unit Shift + F1
Discovery technology Shift + F2
Edit energy credits Shift + F4
Edit Faction diplomacy Shift + F9
Full map Y
Kill opponent Shift + F6
Switch sides and reset view Shift + F3
View FMV sequences Shift + F8
View replay Shift + F7