Robotron X

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POWER UPS: You can actually make Power Ups appear while playing. Each code can only be used 5 times for each level. TWO WAY:UP, Fire Up, UP, Fire Up SPEED UP: Left, Left, Right, Right, Fire Up THREE WAY:Left, Left, Fire Left, Fire Down FLAME THROW: Down, Right, Down, Right, Fire Right FOUR WAY: Down, Down, Up, Fire Right WAVE: Up, Fire Right, Down, Left, Fire Left SHIELD: Down, Left, Fire Left, Fire Right TIPS: Grab the humans in a certain order to get more points. If you grab Mom, Dad, then Mikey, every human after that will be worth double the amount of points. After grabbing any human start shooting the Hulks, because they’re worth points until you get you next Free Life. Also try wiggling the joystick around and see what suprises start to happen.