Game Boy Advance

Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction

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Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction” for the Game Boy Advance is an action-packed and adrenaline-fueled game that puts players in control of powerful robots as they battle it out in intense arena combat. With a wide variety of customizable robots to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and abilities, players must strategize and adapt their tactics to outmaneuver and outlast their opponents.

Featuring fast-paced gameplay, stunning graphics, and a challenging single-player campaign mode, “Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction” offers hours of entertainment for fans of robot combat games. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the genre, this game will test your skills and push you to your limits as you fight your way to victory.

Take on friends in multiplayer mode, or go head-to-head against the toughest AI opponents in a battle for robot supremacy. Are you ready to unleash destruction and emerge as the ultimate robot warrior? Prepare for an epic showdown in “Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction” on the Game Boy Advance.

Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Invincible robot:
Create a robot and name it HARD CASE.

Unlock All Arenas and Arena Editor:
Create a robot and name it GLADIATOR.

All parts:
Create a robot and enter SCRAP METAL as a name to unlock
all parts except the golden robot parts.

Create a robot and enter GLADIATOR as a name to unlock
all arenas and the arena editor.

Create a robot and enter HARD CASE as a name.

All-Star robots:
Create a robot and enter CONVERSE as a name.

Gold parts:
Create a robot and enter GOLD FINGER as a name.