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Rage of Mages 2

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Cheat Mode
At a game map, press ENTER, type “#Coward”,
then press ENTER again. You may now enter any
of the codes below by pressing ENTER, typing
the desired code, and pressing ENTER again: #modify self +god – God mode
#modify army +god – God mode
#modify self +spells – All spells
#pickup all – Pick all sacks
#show map – See full map
#hide map – Hide map
#victory – Instant victory
#killall – Kill all enemies
#create X gold – Get X amount of gold Creating Rare Items
After entering the “Debug Mode” code you may create
magical items by pressing ENTER and typing any of
the commands below:
#create Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Sword
#create Very Rare Crystal Long Sword
#create Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Axe
#create Very Rare Crystal Axe
#create Very Rare Crystal Mace
#create Very Rare Crystal War Hammer
#create Very Rare Crystal Pike
#create Very Rare Crystal Morning Star
#create Very Rare Crystal Cuirass
#create Very Rare Crystal Plate Cuirass
#create Very Rare Crystal Plate Bracers
#create Very Rare Crystal Amulet
#create Very Rare Crystal Ring
#create Very Rare Crystal Plate Helm
#create Very Rare Crystal Plate Boots
#create Very Rare Crystal Scale Gauntlets
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather Large Shield
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather Small Shield
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather Boots
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather Helm
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather Bracers
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather Gauntlets
#create Very Rare Dragon Leather Mail Infinite Experience In Multiplayer
First you must be using a fighter because a mage is
too weak. Work a fighter to get to the MEDIUM maps.
Make sure your armor is decent and buy the least
damage dealing weapon your fighter supports.
(Example: if your fighter is a bludgeon guy then
buy a cheap club.) Next, create a TCP/IP game and enter the “Shallow” map.
Upon entering the map immediately head east towards the
orc forest. Eliminate all of the orcs (with your good
weapon) before getting to the first orc hut.
When you get to the hut kill the archer right below it. Then move to the N/E corner of the hut and 2 sword
weilding orcs will confront you as well as an archer
at the top. Kill the sword-orcs, and then equip your
cheap low damage weapon. Now go to kill the archer. Make sure he doesn’t leave
his spot, if he leaves the trick won’t work.
Move your guy to attack the archer, but don’t let
him get near the coast. There is a mage after the bridge and she will surely
make short work of you. When you start attacking him
(if he hasn’t moved) then this is what will happen: 1. The mage on the coast will continue to cast heal on
the archer but will never attack you. This will pretty
much make the orc invincible. 2. The other orcs will not respawn therefore you will
not have to worry about dying. 3. Your fighter will continue to attack the orc and your
experience will go up each and every time you hit him. Now my friend, leave the room and come back in several
hours. You won’t believe how awesome your character
will be!