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Heroes of Might & Magic 3 [Trainer]

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To get options of this trainer, just press Alt Tab
during game, and click on buttons, or use shortcuts.
Options are:
9.999.999 Woods
9.999.999 Mercury
9.999.999 Ore
9.999.999 Sulfur
9.999.999 Crystal
9.999.999 Gems
9.999.999 Gold
F2: Unlimited Resources (all aboves, work in Single Scenario and Campaign)
F3: Unlimited Hero Moves (you need to have at least 1 move left)
F5: No combat Spell Limit (you will be allowed to send more than 1 spell)
F6: Max Spell Points (during combat, send a spell to get 999 spell points)
F7: Max Spell Points (at end of the turn, spell points will be set to 999)
F8: Max bonus (Attack, Defense, Power & Knowledge Bonus will be of 99)
F9: Control other Towns (you will be able to click on other
towns and even build in those!)
F10: Win that level
F11: Show Frame Rate
Unzip it, then launch Homm3-Tr.exe at any time, and when the game
will be detected, buttons will be enabled. Enjoy!