Tricky Quicky

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Cheat :

To activate these cheats, simply type the code at the menu :-QUIKYISTHEBEST – 9 livesGOQUIKYGOQUIKY – invulnerabilityNESQUIKY – unlimited flakesRUNQUIKYRUNRUN – Quiky runs faster and jumps higherTHROWQUIKYDOIT – Quiky throws more flakesQUIKYSUPERHERO + [1] – full energy+ [2] – ends level+ [3] – plus 99 flakes+ [4] – level warp

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following codes at the menu to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

Nine lives quikyisthebest
Invincibility goquikygoquiky
Unlimited flakes nesquiky
Run faster and jump higher runquikyrunrun
Throw more flakes throwquikydoit
Full energy quikysuperhero1
Ends level quikysuperhero2
Plus 99 flakes quikysuperhero3
Level select quikysuperhero4