Medieval Lords : Build, Defend, Expand

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Cheat Mode

During the game press (shift)+(ctrl)+(alt)+c, it may need to be pressed a few times, then a console will come upmakes:Result – Code:Your gold into whatever u set X to – setgold X Self explanitory – addfood_500 Adds all techs, unlocks all buildings – freetechnoAdds 100000 Money – addmoney_100000 Add Money, Tech and Food – addmoneytechnofood Add # of Gold – addmoregold # Add Army of Swordsmen – addtroopstomouse Add Army of Cavalry – addtroopstomouse_cavalry Add Army of Archers – addtroopstomouse_enemy Add Camp to Army – addtroopstomouse_enemytoground Build All Buildings Without Buildtime – cheat_construction Remove All Trees – destroy_speedtree_objects Everything is Free – freeprice Heal General – general_energy