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Sims, The : Castaway Stories

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Display game statistics

Press: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + S in Story or Freeplay modes.

Info for current lot and the objects or terrain under mouse pointer

Press: [Alt] + [Shift] in Story or Freeplay modes.

Cheat mode

Enter these codes during gameplay without pausing. To bring the Cheat Box up press Control + Shift + C at the same time.

kachingAdds 1,000 resources to household funds
motherlodeAdds 50,000 resources to household funds
Toggle checking for patches through content browseautoPatch
clearClear console window
hideClose or hide the console window
gameVersionDisplay version
exitExits cheat mode
xExpand or contract the output portion of the console window
expandExpands cheat box
helpLog help output
hLog help output
?Log help output
boolProp petActionCancelMake pet actions cancellable
boolprop controlPetsMakes pets controllable
boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotationPress [Comma] or [Period] to rotate any object in 45 degree increments
boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabledToggle Buy mode tools that are normally disabled in a community lot
bugJarTimeDecayToggles if bugs in a jar can live forever
vsyncToggles vertical sync
aging off/onTurns aging off/on for everyone on the lot