Links LS 1999

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Cheat :

Tip: Going “over the top” of the clickable swing meter is extremely dangerous. Instead, try to pick a longer hitting club and limit yourself to the 4/5ths mark, where slight accuracy deviations do not result in your ball landing on the moon.Tip: Shots tend to gain distance when the ball lies in the rough. Also, the trajectory of a ball lying on a left or right slope will be affected in the opposite direction of that slope. Adjust accordingly.Tip: This is really reaching, but multitasking with Links open can slow down that swing meter. It’s happened to me on a couple of occasions, though I can’t determine exactly what caused it. Nevertheless, those low scores on the LS Tour Web site may just be a byproduct. My advice to cheaters is to investigate further before hitting the multiplayer Tour.Tip: PowerStroke players would be doing themselves a favor by toying with the PowerStroke sensitivity settings (found in-game under Menu, Preferences). Here, you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse to suit your game, and it really can make a big difference.