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Cheat :

View FMV sequences:Type freespacestandsalone during a mission to access all of the FMV sequences in the Tech Room. Cheat mode:Type www.volition-inc.com to enable cheat mode. Then hold ~ and type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Enabling cheat codes will prevent mission advancement. Note: The unlimited weapons code however can be used without penalty in campaign mode. Simply enable the code in single mission mode. Quit the single mission and resume a campaign mode game.Effect Code Send message to enemies C Toggle countermeasure availability for all ships [Shift] + C Kill selected target K Destroy targeted subsystem [Shift] + K 10% damage to ship [Alt] + K 10% damage to target [Alt] + [Shift] + K Invincibility I Toggle invincibility for target [Shift] + I Toggle Descent-style physics O Unlimited weapons for all ships [Shift] + W Unlimited weapons for only your ship W All primary goals complete G All secondary goals complete [Shift] + G All bonus goals complete [Alt] + G Scroll forward through secondary weapons 9 Scroll backward through secondary weapons [Shift] + 9 Scroll forward through primary weapons 0 Scroll backward through secondary weapons [Shift] + 0 Rearm request for target R