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Commander Keen: 5

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Cheat :

Items:Press B + A + T to receive an extra life, 99 rounds of ammunition, and all four diamond keys for a level. This has no effect in Commander Keen: Dreams. Cheat mode:Press A + 2 + [Enter] during game play to enable cheat mode in Commander Keen 4 or 5. Press [F10] and one of the following keys to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: You will lose a life if you leave the level with the “No clipping” code enabled. Activate the “Record demo” code again to save the demo. Effect Key God mode G Level select W Flying jump J No clipping1 N 99 ammo, 3000 points I Sprite test1 T Record demo1 D Add 0-8 VLBs1 V Display memory usage1 M Level skip1 E Slow motion mode S Show hidden areas1 Y Set border color 1-151 B Show active and inactive object numbers in level1 C 1. Not available in Commander Keen Dreams.