Kingdom 2: Shadoan

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Walkthrough :

What You’ll Find……………….These places are really important to visit during game play. WARNING: Someare dangerous.THE BLACKHEATH: East of Alkatesh. Great for healing yourself and gettingan extra life after dying. You also go there at the beginning of the game tobanish Torlok’s Dragon.THE ABYSS OF TIME: In Northern Shadoan, past the Guardian Gate. Importantto go there to get the last relic and assemble the relics in the tower ofMobus. Beware of falling into the abyss though.THE HIGH PASS: You’ll need to go to the High Pass, beyond the North Gate ofAlkatesh, to join the Alkateshian Army, to defeat the Plague Magician andto eventually reach Shadoan.The RELICS……………….You already have the …Black Mace: A great weapon, sometimes not as good as the Blood Sword.Hunting Horn: Used to banish the Plague Magician’s daemons.Orb of Mobus: Used to disspell magic, also can melt things.You need to find……………Dagger of Arne: The most powerful weapon you’ll find, will cut throughjust about anything.Crown of Malric: The symbol of the Argent King’s leadership and itcan ……………. (I’m not going to tell you now)———————–OTHER USEFUL MAGIC ITEMS—————–Blood Sword of the Argent Kings: pretty good combat weapon.Onyx Seal: can unseal magically sealed doors or passages.Crystal of Kaldar: used to destroy the Plague MagicianPentacle Coins: greedy guys will love to have ’emScrolls: self-explanatory—————————————————————-THE WALKTHROUGH—————————————————————-You now become LATHAN KANDOR.Watch the History and the opening cartoon if you haven’t already (rememberwe’re playing the Wizard Level).In the throne room go through the door at the top of the screen. Now we’rein the Chamber of the Tapestry of Seeing. Do what the name implies: Useyour scroll of Seeing and go through the door to Alkatesh.NOTE: If anyone has played Kingdom 1 and remembers this, they might havethought to use the Orb. But in this game, the Orb will destroy the tapestryand you’ll be stuck.You are outside of Alkatesh. We’re not ready to go to Alkatesh and jointhe army yet. In the meantime go south to the Long Plains and then toTrickster’s Gulley. Stop. Did you hear what Daelon said? If you don’t goto the Blackheath now, well I won’t speak it. Go north to the Long Plainsand east to the Blackheath. While we’re here let’s pause and note that theBlackheath is a place of healing. If one of your life flowers is witheredyou’ll be regenerated (good after Traveling Spells). If you died you’ll begiven another life. This place is the elixir of immortality in this game(well you get the idea).Now we’re out of the way, so go back to Trickster’s Gulley. I neverdid figure out what that sign meant. If anyone knows they can drop me a note,then I’ll update this page. Anyways, go south to the Low Hills. Daelon willwarn you about the Last Inn, we’ll have to go there twice later. Go east tothe Rocky Hills. The trolls there are real mean………….and greedy. Yougot it, give them some pentacle coins, and continue east to the FootHills. Now there are two ways to deal with the NorseMen you find here:You can use the Black Mace and escape, but you’ll have to do this every timeyou pass here (a nuisance). So use the Blood Sword and leave your NorseBuddies a little embarassed that you’ve chopped up their weapons. They’llleave you alone from now on. Go east to our goal down here: Daelon’s Portal.Ask for some more Understanding scrolls then go west to the FootHills.Surprise!Surprise! Princess Gracey came for a visit. She’ll tell you oneof two things when you visit here:A) That the Plague Magician is afraid of the Crystal of Kaldar orB) That you can use the Hunting Horn to banish his daemons.Both of these are important to know.Go to the Rocky Hills and take notice of the Runes. Go west to the Low Hillsand follow the path to the Last Inn. This guy’s a jerk. Enter the Innthrough the front door. Free the old guy buy using a Scroll of Release. Goback outside and save the game. Enter the Inn’s side door and click the barrel.Once you have the flying potion go back outside as soon as you can. If youdelay too long, you’ll be stuffed in a barrel. Go back through the frontdoor and listen to what the guy tells you. Now go back out and head forDaelon’s Portal. If Daelon’s isn’t finished yet, explore a little bit onyour own, beware of the Ruins outside Alkatesh or the NorseMen Campsite though.When ready ask Daelon for Traveling Spells.Go back to the Rocky Hills and use the Scroll of Understanding on the Runes,write down the message, this will be important in Shadoan. I believe themessage was : To recieve the MoonStone Amulet you must see the true nature ofthe Swans. That’s the essence of it anyway. Put it in “Lathan’s Journal”,which is also a pretty neat tool. Also don’t forget to read the History book,it has some good info.Go back to Alkatesh and go through the South Gate. By the way……never goto Alkatesh directly from the Blackheath. This will take you to its WesternGate. The West Gate is where Torlok is hiding, and you’ll be killed unlessyou want to waste a precious Release Scroll (never be wasteful). Listen to the old man badger you. But he’s right, you will have to join the army. Goto the City Square and to the North gate and show the commander your BloodSword. He’ll respect you now. Join the army by going north into the HighPass.Now you have your instructions. Replay the sequence if necessary, becauseyou need to copy down the emblem of Falworth on one of the knights’ standards.It has the lion and a slash to the right (). Now follow your instructions.If you were told to take the regiment to the…………Left Line:You’ll notice your map has changed into the battle map. Go to the WesternLine. When the Sepent men start to cross over the now iced-river, use theOrb of Mobus to melt the ice. When the Serpent Dude with the sword startsslashing at you, just bash him with the Black Mace.Right Line:Go to the Eastern Battle Line. To get rid of the daemon just tute yourHunting Horn (remember what Grace Delight said?). To finish off the threeserpent men, use your blood sword. You can also used your black mace, butyou’ll be injured.UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU EVER GO TO THE MIDDLE BATTLE LINE. If you wantto, save the game first. You’ll become a Lathan-pancake by getting squishedunder the foot of a giant elephant.Both instructions take you just south of the Narrow Pass into Southern Shadoan.Now we’ll get rid of the Plague Magician for good. First save the game. Useyour flying potion. Don’t delay and throw the empty potion bottle at theraised platform. Then click on the Plague Magician to follow him. As soon asyour faced with a wall of Knives, click when the cursor on the top of thescreen says “GAP”. You can also click where it says “WALL OF KNIVES”, butagain you’ll be injured. Click on the Plague Magician. He’s too strong inthe air. Quickly click on the right ledge where the cursor says “Ledge”.Use the Crystal of Kaldar to finish off the Plague Magician. You’re a hero!!Yay.Go to the Blackheath, just in case and go south to the Hanging Tree. No don’tworry he’ll never hang YOU! Go to the Forest and listen to the pot-guy’swarning about the Woodcutter’s hut. Make your way to Daelon’s Portal and getthe scrolls. Ask for the last scrolls (actually, I don’t think you need toask). Travel around a bit and wait to get the last scrolls. Go back to theinn if you want. The guy there says the same thing about the Dagger of Arne.Once you have the last scrolls, we’re ready to move on.Go back to the High Pass, and click on the horse, who’ll take you to Shadoan.This horseman is your transportation between the Kingdom’s of the Reaches andShadoan.From Southern Shadoan, go to the Two Roads and use a Traveling Scroll totravel to Rohan’s Cave. In the cave choose the shield with the correctshield with Falworth’s emblem (remember from the battle). It’s the one tothe most left. Don’t pick the correct shield and you’re somebody’s dinner.If you want, you can go back to the Blackheath to heal yourself from thetraveling spell. When you’re done and are back at Two Roads, go to theSkull Cliffs and into the Caverns of Chaos.In the Caverns, go to the lake and use a Seeing Scroll,(remember those runes?). Enter one of the beautiful swan boats and get the MoonStone Amulet. Getback into the boat to leave. Then go to the Grotto of Dreams, and read thebook there until when you see Torlok’s henchman running across the screen.Then go back to the Hanging Tree in the Far Reaches. Save the Game.Go to the WoodCutter’s Hut and use the Shield of Falworth to protect yourself.Enter the hut and get the Dagger of Arne. Leave the place as soon as you can!(The Hanging Tree is the nearest escape place.)Go to the Inn and talk to the guy inside. Enter the Inn’s Side door and getthe mug. Leave quickly. Go back to Skull Cliffs and the Caverns of Chaos.Save. Go to Pirate’s Cove. Give Lemmy the Never-Empty Mug. He’ll takeyou to the Isle of Fire in gratitude.Go to the Abandoned Hut and get the idol of the Monkey God. When themonkeys start throwing coconuts at you click on the nearby chair. Go backto the North Shore then the Island Beach and get some Grass Skirts. Go tothe West Camp. There are two ways to get through the camp:A) Use the babboon idol. When the monkeys start throwing coconuts at thenatives, you’ll escape safely. orB)Use the Grass Skirts. You’ll dress up like natives and slip buy.In the Chamber of the Fire God, use a Seeing Scroll. Go to the left altar.At the statue Save the Game!!!Click on the emblem and write down the orderthat the relics light up. This is different every time you start a new game.Write quickly using abbreviations…I used:”M” for the Mace”H” for the Horn”C” for the Crown”D”for the Daggerand “O” for the Orb.If you miss any you can return to your saved game and try again. Once youclick, use the Dagger to cut a way through the iron bars. Click on theRowboat. You’re home free.Go back to Caverns and Skull Caves and Two Roads. Go to the Enchanted Villageand use the Orb to disspell the magic. Go to the Guardian Gate. At theGuardian Gate use your last Seeing Scroll and click on the true guardian.Click on the Gate, then the Gateway. There’s no turning back now.At the Abyss of Time, do you remember what Mobus said when you took theMoonStone Amulet. That’s right, use it now, then save the game. Click onthe glass bridge to cross the Abyss of Time.To deal with the She-wolf, the best way is to use the Dagger of Arne. Thisway you’ll be rid of her for good and still have full strength. When youhear Mobus talking, don’t worry, we have all the knowledge we need.Use the Onyx Seal to unseal Mobus’ Castle, save and enter the door way. Thegargoyles were brought to life by Torlok, use your Shield to protect yourself.On your map screen go to the stairs. Go down to the Power Room. Click onthe “path” near where you’re standing. The Crown of Malric!Don’t just take the crown. Use the Black Mace. If you just take it, you’rehistory. Go back to the power room and click on the stairs. Go to the Roomof Mirrors. Remember what the Book of Dreams said about the Room of Mirrors?Put on the Crown of Malric and enter the tunnel. This platform is stuck.Don’t stay here too long or you’ll fall down a bottomless pit to yourdeath. Since the platform is stuck “RELEASE” it, with your scroll.Now you finally meet Torlok, in all his true colors!!Click on each relicin the order you wrote down in the treasure house of the Fire God. The restis on auto-pilot. The only thing I thought that sucked about the endingwas that Torlok really didn’t put up much of a fight for an all-powerfulwizard. Oh well. It was worth playing and your reward is pretty cool. Savourthe taste of victory.