James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing

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Peru Facility: Mya’s Holopuck

To find Mya’s holopuck in the Peru Facility (or Andes mountain) level, complete the first stage. You will automatically go to the second stage, where you will start on a bridge or some kind of a walking platform. Go to the area where you see some green chemical pools and a bridge or a walking platform on the right side. Go under the bridge then move beyond it. You will see a secret area, where you will find a Hollymya +3. You will not be able to see or identify that area if you only stand under the bridge.

Moscow: Defeating Jaws

The only way to hurt Jaws in the Moscow level is to shoot at the monitors or television until you cannot anymore. Then, try to trick Jaws to go in front of the broken monitor. Shoot him until he has been pushed back into the broken monitor.

Unlock Blackjack mode

Get 2,500 style points

Blackjack mode:
Get 2,500 Style Points to unlock Blackjack mode.