Game Boy Advance

Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper

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Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper” for Game Boy Advance is a delightful adventure game based on the classic tale of two girls who switch places and discover the true meaning of friendship and courage. Players can step into the shoes of both Princess Anneliese and Pauper Erika as they navigate through the enchanting kingdom of Euphrasia, solving puzzles, collecting treasures, and outsmarting the villainous Preminger. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, this game offers hours of entertainment for fans of Barbie and princesses alike. Join Barbie on this magical journey and experience the power of love and loyalty in “Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper” for Game Boy Advance.

Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Level Passwords

Use one of the following passwords:

Preminger, Wolfie, Erika, Serafina1-2
Wolfie, Preminger, Serafina, Preminger1-3
Preminger, Wolfie, Serfania, Wolfi1-4
Preminger, Princess Anneliese, Wolfie, Erika2-2
Preminger, Serafina, Preminger, Erika2-3
Serafina, Erika, Preminger, Wolfie2-4
Wolfie, Preminger, Wolfie, Erika3-1
Serafina, Preminger, Erika, Serafina3-2
Erika, Wolfie, Serafina, Princess Anneliese3-3
Erika, Serafina, Erika, Preminger3-4
Wolfie, Serafina, Preminger, Serafina4-1
Preminger, Serafina, Princess Anneliese, Preminger4-2
Wolfie, Serafina, Erika, Serafina4-3
Serafina, Preminger, Wolfie, Preminger4-4
Princess Anneliese, Serafina, Erika, WolfieArcade
Serafina, Woflia. Erika, PremingerBoss 1
Preminger, Erika, Serafina, WolfieBoss 2
Preminger, Serafina, Princess Anneliese, SerafinaBoss 3
Erika, Serafina, Princess Anneliese, WolfieBoss 4
Erika, Princess Anneliese, Princess Anneliese, ManLast Boss
2-1Princess Anneliese, Preminger, Wolfie, Erika

Level Password
2 Old Man, Cat, Dog, Old Man
3 Old Man, Barbie, Old Man, Cat
4 Cat, Barbie, Cat, Old Man
5 Cat, Barbie, Brown Haired Girl, Barbie
6 Cat, Brown Haired Girl, Old Man, Cat
Boss 1 Barbie, Cat, Brown Haired Girl, Cat