Hoyle Casino ’98

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Cheat :

Easy roulette money:Start the game with a new player, remove all the money from your account, and go to the roulette table. Cancel the roulette wheel action, then select “Actions” on the top menu bar. Choose “Bet it all” and place all of your money on the red diamond before spinning. If the winning number was black, exit the program before the woman calls out the number to avoid losing your bet. Platinum card status:To get a $1 million, go to Blackjack, and keep betting $5,000 until you win $10,000. Then, go to the Fruit slot machine with the three paylines. Put in all your money and keep hitting “Bet Max” until you win a lot of money. Note: You should get a machine that has a $1 million or so dollars in it to make it worthwhile. This will take a long time.