PlayStation 2

Fullmetal Alchemist 2 : Curse of the Crimson Elixir

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Defeating Crowley:

You will enter a room that has a group of eyes on the walls. This is the room where the final battle will take place, against Crowley. He is easy to fight. Just attack him repeatedly. Your sword seems to work best. When you can, use your rage. It seems to do a lot of damage to him. Countering his attacks seem to work well, but sometimes he will counter your counter attack. Press the R2(2). You will counter his counter and hit him. After his life bar is empty, he will talk about how he will not give up, and how he has to do this for Elma. He will then use the elixir to turn himself into a giant golem. Watch out for his attacks and let Al help you. Use your sword combos (for example, Square, Triangle(3)) to slash him. He will fall on the ground. This is the time to use the foot swipe. After he is defeated, Roy, Hawkeye, and the man with the muscles will appear and take over, From here, you must destroy the stone. Once in the room with the crimson elixir, Ed will touch the stone and fall unconscious. Somehow his mind will go inside the stone. When you are there, you will be in some sort of white void. Just run to each of the red orbs. They are memories from the King of Lebis, and memories from Crowly and his Elma. Transmute the spikes on the outside of the circle. When Ed and Al transmute it, the stone will break, and Crowley will be defeated to be in peace with Elma.

Remove dialogue display:

When characters are talking and there is a dialogue box, hold L3 and it will disappear, allowing you to only hear the character’s voices.

Easy experience:

In Chapter 5 at Bord’wan, in certain areas there will be a never ending supply of the floating golems. Some are worth 10 experience points and others worth 80 experience points. This is a good time to train because there is a save point nearby.

See the kittens you have:

After you complete the game are prompted to save the game, do so. You can start a new game with all the items and the level you were at. You will start in Lior fountain plaza. Look around after the talking scenes are over. There is a place in Lior fountain plaza where Armony is taking care of the kittens that you have. When you try to attack, a scene will start showing each of the kittens you have meowing.

Cat in inventory:

When you are following Bald (the person who Ed thinks blew up the military car), as soon as you first enter the sewers, go to the left. There will be an object, and behind it is a cat in a cardboard box. If you walk up to it, a short intermission sequence will begin. Al will look at it, and take it while Ed is not looking. Equip this as one of Al’s accessories. When you are not fighting, stop and call Al over. If you do not move for a few seconds, Al will decide to sit down, and a few seconds after that, the cat will meow and the word “-M-e-o-w-” will come out of Al’s body.