PlayStation 2

Resident Evil : Survivor 2

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Secret Report:

Collect all the messages in each level to unlock the Secret Report.

Vs. Roach mode:

Successfully complete the first mission in dungeon mode.

Better partner:

Successfully complete the game to raise your partner level to 4 in arcade mode. Complete the game a second time to raise your partner level to 8 in arcade mode.


Successfully complete all the dungeon missions, including Inferno mission 7, to unlock Rodrigo with only a combat knife in dungeon mode.

Chris Redfield:

Successfully complete Inferno mission 6 to unlock Chris Redfield with a Linear Launcher with unlimited ammunition in dungeon mode.

Panzerfaust EX:

Successfully complete the game in Vs. Roach mode to unlock the Panzerfaust EX in Vs. Roach Mode with unlimited ammunition.