Game Boy Advance

Extreme Ghostbusters

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Embark on a thrilling paranormal adventure with Extreme Ghostbusters for Game Boy Advance! Join the fearless team of ghost hunters as they take on supernatural threats in the heart of the city. Use your ghost-busting gadgets and skills to capture mischievous specters and save the day. With challenging levels, spooky enemies, and intense boss battles, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to face the ultimate test of bravery and skill? Play Extreme Ghostbusters on Game Boy Advance and show those ghosts who’s boss!

Extreme Ghostbusters Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Enter “LXK8KKFTL” as a password.

Level Password
The Hall HGBNL14VJ
Corridor 5PMDTF/K2
Office 21QSR9JTS
Big Building Boss 8G20S86SC
Racing 2 30J82JBMB
The Main Aisle BNKN34SMW
Closer to the Underworld MD*XN7KTJ
Racing 3 VD*PJKFTS
In the Wings MDZ9KK/T8
Ethereal Ball MD2TK4XTK
On Stage WS0PJ6LTC
Broadway Star Theater Boss VS31JL9TW
Racing 4 LDK9K6HTC
Don’t Forget the Guide WSJPJLZIV
Carnivorous and Hungry WSFKP6WT3
The Final Confrontation MS29P7JTW
Final Boss VSFPPMHT8