Atari Lynx

Dracula The Undead

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Playing Tips
Wearing a crucifix is essential for your outfit.
Without light, the library books can not be read.
Examine everything and take notes.
Main Events to take notes after: Conversation with Dracula, the portrait of Dracula, Dracula’s Spiderman imitation outside, examining the table with lantern in Dracula’s office, examining the desk and map, examining the money table, examining the bloody rock, examining Drac’s coffin with owner still in it & after waking up from a night with Drac’s Vamps’.
Need light: add one lantern, some oil and burn with ingredients from a tinder box.
What do you do to calm a frightened horse? Be SWEET to him.
Want to know the quickest path to the bloody rock? Go left, towards you, left, towards you after coming down the stairs into the Catacombs.
You do know that vampire’s do not like bright light, don’t you? Turn it down!!
Once again, take notes!!
Drac’s money room holds more secret’s than you know when he has vacated it.
Do you know how to read? Does fishing interest you? Check the library.
Drac sure doesn’t like people throwing coins down the well. Oh well, throw a spade in instead.
Hook, Twine & Book, oh my!!