Disciples 2 : Rise of the Elves

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Cheat Codes

Press [Enter] while playing, type any of the following codes, then press [Enter] again:

Code – Result:
moneyfornothing – Set Mana and Gold to 9999
borntorun – Party Movement Points to Full
help! – Heal Entire Party
wearethechampions – Win Mission
loser – Lose Mission
herecomesthesun – Unlock Entire Map
paintitblack – Hide Unseen Map
anotherbrickinthewall – Allowed to Build at Capital
givepeaceachance – Peace with all Nations
badtothebone – War with all Nations
cometogether – Alliance with all Nations
jump – Members XP to Next Level -1
stairwaytoheaven – Level Up for Entire Party
lifeisacarnival – Revive All Dead
allalongthewatchtower – View Enemy Info
invisibletouch – Unknown Effect
letsdothetimewarpagain – Unknown Effect