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Daikatana is an epic first-person shooter game that takes players on an unforgettable journey through time and space. In this thrilling adventure, you must wield the powerful Daikatana sword to defeat enemies and conquer challenging levels. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Daikatana is a must-play for any fan of PC games. Join protagonist Hiro Miyamoto as he battles his way through ancient Japan, futuristic cities, and otherworldly realms in a quest to save the world from the evil sorcerer Kage Mishima. Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge and become the hero the world needs? Play Daikatana now and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Daikatana Game Cheats, Tips, Codes, Hints and Tricks

Cheat Codes
Start the game with the “+set console 1” command line parameter. Press ~ to display the console window, then type “cheats on” to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes in the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Cheats are only effective after starting a new game; they cannot be used with an existing saved game.



God modegod
Additional healthhealth [100 or greater]
Increase powerboost power
Increase attackboost attack
Increase speedboost speed
Increase acroboost acro
Increase vitalityboost vitality
Increase all statsboost all
Weapon selectweapon_give_[1-10]
Infinite ammunitiong_unlimited_ammo 1
Kill all monsters in current levelmassacre
Rampage moderampage
No clipping modenoclip
Cycle three camera viewscam_toggle
Camera focused on next monstercam_nextmon
Cycle all characters on levelcam_nextmon
Cycle sidekicks on levelcam_nextsidekick
Change game speed, 1.0 is defaulttimescale [speed]
Level selectmap [level name]
Key command bindingbind [key and command]
Select active serverconnect [server]
Toggle game engine messagesdeveloper [1 or 0]
Toggle clean map load with no cachingflushmap [1 or 0]
Toggle rendering speed displayr_speeds [1 or 0]
Toggle flat-shaded polygonsr_drawflat [1 or 0]
Toggle lightmaps on surfacesr_fullbright [1 or 0]
Toggle line drawing (not available on
Voodoo cards)
gl_polylines [1 or 0]
Disable cheatscheats 0

Cheat mode:
Start the game with the +set console 1 command line parameter. Press
~ to display the console window, then type cheats 1 to enable cheat
mode. Then, restart a new game by using the map e1m1a console command.
Then, press ~ to display the console window again, and enter one of the
following codes in the console window to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect Code
Disable cheats cheats 0
Screenshot screenshot
God mode god
Additional health health
Increase power boost power
Increase attack boost attack
Increase speed boost speed
Increase acro boost acro
Increase vitality boost vitality
Increase all stats boost all
Weapon select weapon_give_
New weapon in Episode 1 weapon_give_gashands
Unlimited ammunition g_unlimited_ammo 1
Kill all monsters in current level massacre
Rampage mode rampage
Invisibility notarget
No clipping mode noclip
Cycle three camera views cam_toggle
Cycle all characters on level cam_nextmon
Cycle sidekicks on level cam_nextsidekick
Change game speed, 1.0 is default timescale
Level select, lose power-ups and weapons map
Level select, keep power-ups and weapons changelevel
Key command binding bind
Select active server connect
Toggle game engine messages developer
Toggle clean map load with no caching flushmap
Toggle rendering speed display r_speeds
Toggle flat-shaded polygons r_drawflat
Toggle lightmaps on surfaces r_fullbright
Toggle line drawing gl_polylines
List all console commands cmdlist

Weapon numbers:
Use with the weapon give code.

Weapon Number
Episode 1

Hands / Gashands 1
Ion Blaster 2
C4 Vitzatergo 3
Shotcycler 4
Sidewinder 5
Shockwave 6
Daikatana 7

Episode 2

Discus of Deadalus 1
Venomous 2
Sun Flares 3
Hades Hammer 4
Poseidon’s Trident 5
Eye of Zeus 6
Daikatana 7

Episode 3

Silverclaw 1
Bolter 2
Stavros’ Stave 3
Ballista 4
Wyndax’s Wisp 5
Nharre’s Nightmare 6
Daikatana 7

Episode 4

Glock 2020 1
Slugger 2
Kineticore 3
Ripgun 4
Novabeam 5
Metamaser 6
Daikatana 7

Level names:
Use with the changelevel or map codes.

Location Level Code
Marsch 1 E1M1A
Marsch 2 E1M1B
Marsch 3 E1M1C
Sewer System 1 E1M2A
Sewer System 2 E1M2B
Solitary 1 E1M3A
Solitary 2 E1M3B
Crematorium 1 E1M4A
Crematorium 2 E1M4B
Crematorium 3 E1M4C
Processing 1 E1M5A
Processing 2 E1M5B
Icelab 1 E1M6A
Icelab 2 E1M6B
Icelab 3 E1M6C
Vault 1 E1M7A
Vault 2 E1M7B
Lemnos Isle 1 E2M1A
Lemnos Isle 2 E2M1B
Lemnos Isle 3 E2M1C
Catacomb 1 E2M2A
Catacomb 2 E2M2B
Catacomb 3 E2M2C
Athens 1 E2M3A
Athens 2 E2M3B
Athens 3 E2M3C
Acropolis 1 E2M4A
Acropolis 2 E2M4B
Acropolis 3 E2M4C
Acropolis 4 E2M4D
Acropolis 5 E2M4E
Lair of Medusa 1 E2M5A
Lair of Medusa 2 E2M5B
Lair of Medusa 3 E2M5C
Lair of Medusa 4 E2M5D
Lair of Medusa 5 E2M5E
Plague Village 1 E3M1A
Plague Village 2 E3M1B
Plague Village 3 E3M1C
Passage 1 E3M2A
Dungeon 1 E3M3A
Dungeon 2 E3M3B
Dungeon 3 E3M3C
Wyndrax Tower 1 E3M4A
Wyndrax Tower 2 E3M4B
Crypt of Nharre 1 E3M5A
Gharroth’s Throne 1 E3M6A
Alcatraz 1 E4M1A
Alcatraz 2 E4M1B
Alcatraz 3 E4M1C
Beneath the Rock 1 E4M2A
Beneath the Rock 2 E4M2B
Tower of Crime 1 E4M3A
Tower of Crime 2 E4M3B
Tower of Crime 3 E4M3C
Mishima Labs 1 E4M4A
Mishima Labs 2 E4M4B
Mishima Labs 3 E4M4C
Mishima’s Hideout 1 E4M5A
S.E.A.L. Training Center 1 E4M6A
S.E.A.L. Training Center 2 E4M6B
S.E.A.L. Training Center 3 E4M6C