Cool Boarders 2

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Cheat :

All Tracks:Highlight Board park, Option, Free ride, One make, SBC, Half pipe, then finally Free ride. Press Circle while on Free ride, then when the 1 or 2 player choice appears, hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and press Circle Alternat

Play all 10 tracks:

At mode select, highlight the following in sequence; SBC, Onemake,
Freeride, Option, Boardpark, Halfpipe, Freeride in 4 secs and press O.
After 1P&2P select screen had appeared, hold L1 +L2 +R1 +R2 and press

Play as Snowman:

To obtain the Snowman you must break all the records in FREERIDE mode.

Alternate Clothing for Irin and Cindy:

Highlight Competition Mode in the main menu then press Down, R1, Up,
R1, Down, R2, Up, R2, Up, Up, R1, Down, Down, R2. If you did it right,
Cindy will have a leather outfit and Irin will have school clothes.

Play as Gray:

To play as Gray, get 37.5 or higher on the halfpipe.

Play as the Alien:

To play as the Alien all you have to do is score a 38.0 or better in
the halfpipe or complete all 100 moves in ONEMAKE jump.

Play as The Boss:

To play as The Boss, complete Mirror mode in first place.

Secret Levels:

To get all of the levels in Freestyle mode, just beat the Tour
Competition in Mirror mode and come in first place. (This also lets
you play Boss.)


With practice you can perform over a dozen tricks in this game.
Here’s how to do a few of them:

Shifty – L1
Lien Air – down + R1
Indy Grab – up + R2
Frontside 180 – Spin left
Mute grab – up + R1
Stalefish – down + R2
Method – down + L2
Backspin 180 – Spin right
Shuffle – L1, L2
Fakie to Shifty – L1(before the jump), L1
Flip – up + Flip
Backflip – down + Flip
Misty 180 – Hold X, Press down-left or down-right, release X
Nose Grab – up, up + R1
Frontside 180 Shifty – Spin left, L1

Secret Boards:

Enter FREERIDE mode with all the tracks, break all the records for all
the tracks.

Mirror Mode:

Complete SBC; Enter Option, press 2P controller SELECT and press R1+
Square button at Mode select.