Black Dawn

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Cheat :

Pause the game and press Select, L2, Select and R2, then press one of the following codes: Fly through Buildings:Square, Square, Square, Square Invincibility:Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square Max fuel and armor:Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle Get max weapons:L1, L2, R1, R2 Cycle gun modes:Select, Select and Select Summon wingman:Square, Square, Square, Circle Pause without menu:Down, R1 and R2 Mission complete:Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Down, Down, Down Upgrade current weapon:L1, L1, R1, R1Two Player VS. mode:At the main title screen, hold select and R2 on both controllers. “Operation Power-up” level:Beat every mission, then go down to the lowest mission and repeatedly press Down + Right. Passwords:1018 Urban Shield1006 Black Out 1213 Ice Storm 0203 Dessert Fury 0917 Tiger Trap 0354 Crack Down

Gain a Wingman
While playing, pause the game and press Z, Z, Z, C, X, X, X, B.

Level Select
At the “Press Start” screen, press and hold C, press and hold B,
press and hold A, press and hold Up, press and hold L.
Then release A, then C, then L, then Up. You’ll hear
“Blackhole engaged.” During the game, press and hold
A, C, Up, L to skip to the next level.

Level Skip
To skip to the next mission, pause the game and press
Z, Z, Z, C, Y, Y, Y, Down, Down, Down.

Note: When you start game with a password, you will start out with 0 points.

Operation 1 – 0000
North America

Operation 2 – 1018
South America

Operation 3 – 1006

Operation 4 – 1213

Operation 5 – 0203

Operation 6 – 0354

Power-Up Fuel and Ammo
To power up fuel and ammo, pause the game and press Z, Z, Z, C, X, X, X, B.

Power-Up Your Missiles
To power up your missiles, pause the game and press Z, Z, Z, C, L, L, R, R.

Weapon Power-ups
If your full is fuel, shoot fuel capsules to gain a different power-up.