Panzer DragoonClear Picture Of CD Change Screen

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Clear Picture Of CD Change Screen
When you reach the point where you have to change the CD press and hold X-Y-Z to get a clear view of the picture.

D Unit Locations
Above Excavation Site – Access the birds (you have to kill the Arachnoth first)
Valley/Canyon Deep Gulch – inside a tunnel
Garil Desert – Worm Lair
Garil Oasis – Blue Ruins
Uru – Sunken Southern Ruins – next to the entrance
Uru – Deep North
Underground Ruins of Uru – B4F – needs Dragon
Underground Ruins of Uru – B2F North – needs Dragon
Inside the Forest of Zoah
Inside the Forest of Zoah
Tower – 14F North
Tower – 14F North – right next to D unit 11

John Woo Reference
In the caravan town, enter the leader’s hut and inspect a pair of pistols laying on a shelf. You will get the message “Inscribed: From Mr. Woo.”

This is of course a reference to action flick director John Woo, who is known for having characters fight it out with a pistol in each hand in his films.

World Map Rotation
In Panzer Dragoon Saga, first access the World map. Now press the R shift button to rotate the map counter-clockwise. Pressing the L shift button will rotate the map Clockwise. Pressing either button repeatly, will make the rotation start spinning faster.

Even Higher Rewards
In the 2nd disk go to the Caravan at night and talk to Raul the hunter repeatedly. Eventually he will give you the vernato pipe/flute. Next, go to the Village of Zoah during the day and talk to Jeal in the bar (use the back entrance because the front entrance is closed during the day). Give the vernato pipe to Jeal and as a reward she will ask Juba to give you free advice and drinks. Return to the Caravan and talk to Raul again. He will give you 1000dn for the trouble.

The 1st time you enter the Village of Zoah talk to the man who lives to the right of the sewer entrance in the 2nd section of the Liberal District. Look at his gun and he will start a conversation about being a hunter. Talk to him again a couple times and he will give you a little hunter’s quiz. If you answer all of his hunting question correctly he will give you the mauler gun part which increses your gun’s power by 30+.

Space Harrior Mode:Hold buttons L and R before turning on the Saturn.A menu should be there. Go to the language menu and change it to German (Deutsch). Load Panzer Dragoon. When the title screen appears press up,X , right,X ,down, X , left, X, up Y, Z. You will hear the sound of your dragon being hit if you did it correctly.

Wizard Mode Mode:At the title screen press start. When the Normal game option appears press L, R, L, R, up, down, up, down, left, right. Words “Wizard Mode” should appear. The game will now be very Fast.

Rolling Mode: At the title screen press start. WHen Normal Game option appears, rotate the pad 3 times clockwise until you hear a sound. The words Rolling Mode should appear. Tap twice in any direction to perform a roll.

Invincibilty: At the title screnn, press start. When the Normal Game And Options part appears, Press L, L, R, R, up, down, left, right. Words Invinciple Mode appears. You will get the bad ending for doing this.

Play Episode 0: At the title screen, Press up, up, up, down, down, down, left, right, left, right, left, right, L, R. Use the invincibily code so you don’t lose life as time goes on.