Nintendo 64

Baku Bomberman

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Cheat :

Bonus levels:A new battle mode level (In the Gutter, Sea Sick, Blizzard Battle, and Lost at Sea) will be available for each world that is completed in Adventure mode. Highlight the “Battle” option on the main menu, then repeatedly tap Start. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: For the Japanese version of the game, use a Joy Card 64 controller. Set the controller’s slow switch to the “Hu” position at the title screen and wait for the sound that confirms correct code entry. Four new levels will be accessible in battle mode. Quickly press Start multiple times at the main menu to unlock the In the Gutter, Sea Sick, Blizzard Battle, and Lost at Sea levels. Alternately, get 120 Gold Cards on any difficulty setting.Rainbow Palace bonus world:Find all one hundred Gold Cards and defeat Altair. Credits option:Complete the Rainbow Palace world by defeating Sirius. A new selection that allows the credits to be viewed will appear on the options menu. To view the credits, defeat Altair. Defeat Sirius the second time to get the other ending.Sound test:Complete the first four levels of the game under the normal difficulty level of adventure mode. More music:To get extra music selections, just hear the music once and it will be enabled.Full power option:Collect all 120 gold cards (100 from the normal worlds, 20 from the Rainbow Palace) in any level. A “Full Power” selection will appear on the options screen. This option allows any level to be started with maxed out Red bombs, 8 bombs, 5 firepower, and the remote item.Multi-player adventure:To play as mini-bosses (Altair, Sirius, Regulus, etc.), get all 120 Gold Cards in hard mode. Player two controls Sirius (both), Regulus, Orion, Artemis, and Altair. Players three and four controls Regulus (the second one) and Altair’s Vega ship. Gold armor:Collect all 120 gold cards and successfully complete the game under three hours on the hard difficulty setting. Samurai Suit:Get 120 Gold Cards under any difficulty setting. Karate Suit:Successfully complete the game in less than three hours under any difficulty setting.Gold Suit:Get 120 Gold Cards and successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. This is easier to accomplish if you finish a normal game and unlock “Full Power”. Preview custom Bomberman:Press Z or R at the main custom Bomberman menu. Quick recovery:Rotate the Analog-stick for a faster recovery when Bomberman is dizzy. Big bomb:Press A + B in battle mode to hold a bomb in the air. Then, repeatedly press A until the bomb is big and has a glowing yellow circle around it. Push B to throw the bomb. For an even larger explosion, get the cherry bomb power up and do the trick.

Hint :

Hint: Extra jewels:Play the first stage of the Blue Resort level (Switches and Bridges) and go to one of the big hotels with many windows. If there is an open window, throw a remote bomb or a remote red bomb (either big or small) into the window. Explode the remote bomb as it goes through the window. If done correctly, enemies will come out and will die when they hit the ground, allowing you to easily collect the jewels that replace them.Hint: Costume piece:In first stage of the Blue Resort level, make a bomb bridge from the big stairs to the open window. You will get a costume piece. Hint: Defeating Hades(Red Mountain Boss): When he spins around, go next to him. Pump up a bomb. Then, throw it at him — five hits are required. This requires practice. He also tries to knock you out, then burn you with a laser beam. Also, he occasionally goes under the lava and shoots the cone on his head at you.Hint: Bomb climb:To climb areas that you cannot reach, use the following bomb climb technique. Set a bomb about three squares from the wall. Then, pick up a bomb, go against the wall, and throw it against it. It should hit you, and you will bounce on the first one, then bounce on the second, and eventually, if the height of the platform is not too high, you will land. If you want to go higher, set another bomb just before you get hit. This is useful in some stages, such as 5-3 Trap Tower (you can go on elevators with the alarm on); 6-1 Beyond the Clouds (when you are stuck where the gold card is located in the second area); and in 6-3 Doom Castle. Note: Using two bombs, you can go two squares high, and three bombs three squares high. Try not to use this with Full Power if you are going on a tiny ledge.