Arrow Flash

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At the options menu, change the “Arrow Flash” setting from Stock to Charge. After the story demo, wait for the gameplay demo to begin then press Start and begin the game. Now whenever you hold the C button for 5 seconds you will be invincible for 10 minutes!


Enter the options menu, change the Arrow Flash selection from

“Stock” to “Charge”, and exit the options

screen. Wait until demonstration mode begins (after the opening

screens). Tap Start until the game starts. Hold C

for approximately five seconds during game play for ten minutes

of invincibility.

1 9WET-AGSG + XLET-AAHJ Start with 100 lives
2 9WET-AGSG + R0ET-AAHJ Start with 75 lives
3 9WET-AGSG + LCET-AAHJ Start with 50 lives
4 9WET-AGSG + E0ET-AAHJ Start with 25 lives
5 9WET-AGSG + ECET-AAHJ Start with 20 lives
6 9WET-AGSG + C0ET-AAHJ Start with 15 lives
7 9WET-AGSG + CCET-AAHJ Start with 10 lives
8 9WET-AGSG + ALET-AAHJ Start with 2 lives
9 9WET-AGSG + AGET-AAHJ Start with 1 life
10 RFLT-A6WA Infinite lives
11 ALGA-AA36 Invincibility
12 CCWT-AAGR Start with 16 arrow force shots
13 BWWT-AAGR Start with 12 arrow force shots
14 BCWT-AAGR Start with 8 arrow force shots
15 A4WT-AAGR Start with 6 arrow force shots
16 ALWT-AAGR Start with 2 arrow force shots
17 AGWT-AAGR Start with 1 arrow force shots
18 ACWT-AAGR Start with no arrow force shots
19 R07A-A6VT Infinite arrow force shots
20 CG7A-BJV8 Robot arrow flash lasts 2x
as long as normal
21 CG7A-BNV8 Robot arrow flash lasts 3x
as long as normal
22 CG7A-BTV8 Robot arrow flash lasts 4x
as long as normal
23 CG7A-B2V8 Robot arrow flash lasts 6x
as long as normal
24 CG7A-BAV8 Robot arrow flash lasts 8x
as long as normal
25 AJCA-AAB2 Start on stage 2
26 ANCA-AAB2 Start on stage 3 27 ATCA-AAB2 Start on stage 4
28 AYCA-AAB2 Start on stage 5