Aliens vs. Predator 2

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Cheat mode

How to enable cheats in AVP2 on Mac OSX: The cheat codes are the same as for the PC, with one addition, you must type before the code.For instance, to turn on God mode, hit return, and type mpcanthurtme. In other words, type “cheat” surrounded in angle brackets, put a space, then type the cheat code. Show position: mpgps Turn rotation display on/off: mpgrs Turn size display on/off: mpsizeme Turn invinicibility on/off: mpcanthurtme Unlock all weapons and ammo: mpshuckit Turn speed display on/off: mptachometer Restart level with defaults: mpbeamme No clipping on/off: mpsixthsense Get full armor: mpsmithy Get full ammo: mpkohler Third person view on/off: mpicu Edit FOV value: mpfov Edit light amplification: mplightadd Edit light scale: mplightscale Edit vertext tint: mpvertextint Edit weapon breach: mpbreach Edit weapon offset: 1mpwmpos Edit weapon offset 2: mpwpos Full ammo: mpstockpile Full armor: mpsmithy Level select for all three species: mpxfiles No clip on/off: mpsixthsense Set health to indicated number: mpdoctordoctor Unlimited ammunition: mpbunker Warps character speech: mpmillertime