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Cheat :

Various Cheats Code Effect ASTROMEN All Alien Characters RATPACK All Human Characters SCREAM All Monster Characters GENEPOOL All Characters TRIXXY All Freestyle Tracks VOUYEUR All Exhibition Tracks DOMINIQUE Play as Dominique TP Play as TP LUGNUT Play as Lug Nut GEEP Play as Geep NYUB Play as Nyub BINK Play as Bink REDCAR Play as Red the Car BLUECAR Play as Blue the Car WHITECAR Play as White the Car REDLINE Red Car BLUELINE Blue Car WHITELINE White Car BLACKLINE Black Car SMOKEY All Cars Play as blue car Go to the memory card selection at the main screen and press left. It will now say codes. enter bluecar. make sure there is no spaces. You can now play as a blue car in any kind of race. All Racers At the menu screen go to memory card then press right or left and press X. Then type the following codes. Codes: Grinds – All Racers Red – Use Redcar All Alien Characters Go to the memory card section on the main screen and press left or right.After doing this it should read “codes” press enter and it will say 3extreme. Now you need to erase it by pressing square repeatedly and then by using the directional pad. Alright now you should type in ASTROMEN and you should hear a chime noise then you can play. Be Geep (97%Bikeracer stats) Go down to memory card and press right then press X. Earse everything until code screen is clear by hitting square. The type in the word Geep. Then hit X again. Then go up to new season or continue season. Then hit X. Then press right until you see the alien on the screen. Then hit X when you see the alien then on the next screen hit X.

Codes screen:

Highlight the “Memory Card” selection at the main menu. Press Left or
Right to display the codes option and press X.

All characters:

Enter GRINDS at the codes screen to unlock all the characters.

All alien characters:

Enter ASTROMEN at the codes screen to unlock all the alien characters.

All Freestyle tracks:

Enter TRIXXY at the codes screen.

All Exhibition tracks:

Enter VOUYEUR at the codes screen.

Play as Dominique:

Enter DOMINIQUE at the codes screen to play as Dominique, the best skater
with 95% in all attributes.

Play as TP:

Enter TP at the codes screen to play as TP. TP is a mummy with 95% in all
attributes, with a bike called Pharoah.

Play as Lug Nut:

Enter LUGNUT at the codes screen to play as Lug Nut. Lug Nut is a
Frankenstein clone with 95% in all attributes.

Play as Geep:

Enter GEEP at the codes screen to play as Geep the alien biker.

Play as Nyub:

Enter NYUB at the codes screen to play as Nyub the alien rollerblader.

Play as Bink:

Enter BINK at the codes screen to play as Bink the alien skateboarder.

Play as Red the car:

Enter REDLINE at the codes screen to play as Red the car.

Play as White the car:

Enter WHITELINE at the codes screen to play as White the car.

Play as Blue the car:

Enter BLUELINE at the codes screen to play as White the car.

Haunted Mansion track:

Successfully complete the Pro Circuit with any character. The new track
will be unlocked under free style mode.

Aztec Island 1 and 2 shortcut:

Look to the right for a door way, after the second tunnel at the beginning.
It has blue gates inside.

Metro shortcut:

Go to the third ramp, then go up and to the left. Go toward the stairs and
jump over the yellow bar. It has blue, red, and yellow gates inside.

P1 Infinite Freestyle Time 80143BD0 2400
P2 Infinite Freestyle Time 801430B8 2400
Fake Always First 8014E0B8 0001
Max Tournament Points 30010224 00FF
Max Points to Buy Euipment 8001010A FFFF
Have All Characters 50001401 0000
(GS 2.2 or Higher Needed) 30010072 0001
Have Arroyo Grande 2 Level 3001017A 0001
Have Seacliff 2 Level 3001017B 0001
Have Aztec Island 1 Level 3001017C 0001
Have Lakeside Park 2 Level 3001017D 0001
Have The Metro Level 30010182 0001
Have Lakeside Park 3 Level 30010183 0001
Have Seacliff 3 Level 30010184 0001
Have Arroyo Grande 3 Level 30010185 0001
Have Aztec Island 3 Level 30010186 0001
Have J. Carberry 30010072 0001
Have Z. Cruz 30010073 0001
Have Lug Nut 30010074 0001
Have Bink 30010075 0001
Have Red Car 30010076 0001
Have K. Jones 3001007A 0001
Have Y. Osaka 3001007B 0001
Have TP 3001007C 0001
Have Geep 3001007D 0001
Have White Car 3001007E 0001
Have C. Nappi 30010081 0001
Have Spunkmeyer 30010082 0001
Have Dominique 30010083 0001
Have Nyub 30010084 0001
Have Blue Car 30010085 0001

Have All Equipment-Frank Corsetti
Have Horns Skate Board 300100A6 0001
Have Engine Skate Board 300100A7 0001
Have Demon Skate Board 300100A8 0001
Have Magician Skate Board 300100A9 0001
Have Snac Skate Board 300100AA 0001

Have All Equipment-Michelle Carlson
Have F Sk8er Skate Board 300100AD 0001
Have Yuck Fou Skate Board 300100AE 0001
Have Skull + Bones Skate Board 300100AF 0001
Have O.G. Star + Moon Skate Board 300100B0 0001
Have Circle F Skate Board 300100B1 0001

Have All Equipment-Joe Carberry
Have Barfer Skate Board 300100B4 0001
Have Devil Cat Skate Board 300100B5 0001
Have Robot Skate Board 300100B6 0001
Have Fists Skate Board 300100B7 0001
Have Monster Skate Board 300100B8 0001

Have All Equipment-Zach Cruz
Have Zero Bold Skate Board 300100BD 0001
Have Zero Bird Skate Board 300100BE 0001
Have Big Skull Skate Board 300100BF 0001

Have All Equipment-Paul Dillon
Have Bump Bike 300100C5 0001
Have Pro Series Bike 300100C6 0001
Have Fueler Bike 300100C7 0001
Have Power Series 3.0 Bike 300100C8 0001
Have Speed Series Bike 300100C9 0001

Have All Equipment-Steve Olsan
Have F5 860 Bike 300100CC 0001
Have Triple X Bike 300100CD 0001
Have F5 880 Bike 300100CE 0001
Have Proline Team 300100CF 0001
Have XLR8R Bike 300100D0 0001

Have All Equipment-Kendra Jackson
Have Vert 3 Bike 300100D3 0001
Have TR20 Bike 300100D4 0001
Have Team Issue 3 Bike 300100D5 0001
Have Vert 4 Bike 300100D6 0001
Have TR30 Bike 300100D7 0001

Have All Equipment-Karac Jones
Have The Pick Bike 300100DA 0001
Have Maintime Bike 300100DB 0001
Have The Gambler Bike 300100DC 0001
Have DMC Bike 300100DD 0001

Have All Equipment-Yukio Osaka
Have Supra Deluxe Bike 300100E0 0001
Have AL 3.0 Bike 300100E1 0001
Have Monocoque Bike 300100E2 0001

Have All Equipment-Meg Tipre
Have TR7 Skates 300100E8 0001
Have TR8 Skates 300100E9 0001
Have TR9 Skates 300100EA 0001
Have ST8 Skates 300100EB 0001
Have ST9 Skates 300100EC 0001

Have All Equipment-Sam Marubayashi
Have TR7 Skates 300100EF 0001
Have TR8 Skates 300100F0 0001
Have TR9 Skates 300100F1 0001
Have ST8 Skates 300100F2 0001
Have ST9 Skates 300100F3 0001

Have All Equipment-Cale Nappi
Have TR7 Skates 300100F6 0001
Have TR8 Skates 300100F7 0001
Have TR9 Skates 300100F8 0001
Have ST8 Skates 300100F9 0001
Have ST9 Skates 300100FA 0001

Have All Equipment-Spunkmeyer
Have King 55 Skates 300100FD 0001