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3 Skulls Of Toltecs

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Walkthrough :

This one is kinda buggy one, so I dont guaranteeyou will get to final.Move Buck (the killed man).Talk to Friar Bacon (when I mean talk I mean youshould talk all topics). He will notice Buck ismissing.Pick up pickaxe (twice because you pick up pickand picket, not a whole pickaxe).Use picket with Friar Bacon. You will knock himout.Pick up his cassock. Use donkey. Select left arrow. Talk with Frencharmy soldier. Return back to canyon and use don-key to select right arrow now and get to Big Town.Enter door. Look into wooden bucket (you get ascrew). Go up the ladder. Move ‘P’ sign and godownstairs to collect it. Exit house. Go leftto the well. Talk with the man, who fell into well. Go to Big Town Station (BTS since this point). Enter it and talk to telegraphist. Lookat the teleprinter. Exit BTS. Go left. Open abox near entrance to General Store. Look into the box (you will collect logs).Enter local jail. Talk with Mortimer Pettyboom.Exit jail. Go to the saloon. Talk to layabout.To enter saloon you need to tell him you learntin the same school with him and tell him thatthat M.Pettyboom was the ‘super-sucker’ in yourschool. Then he should let you in. Once insidetalk to sheriff and barman (you will need toget an empty whisky bottle from latter). Onceyou got it, examine it to see the location ofthe whisky plant. Talk with thug. Go upstairsand open right door. Talk with dancer – you need her to tell you where her girlfriend keepsher money. Look into the keyhole of the leftdoor. Exit saloon. Talk to young lady about guycalled Dickson – when she begins to ask abouthis appearance use the following pattern of res-ponses: CEBD. Then talk to old lady on the roc-king chair. Then go to General Store and tellthe shopkeeper that his mother calls him. He willleave and you can fetch some stuff: sugar, bis-cuits, cigars, coffee, carrots. Now return to stable. Give carrot to your donkey and pick uphat from donkey’s head. Go to church and talk to parish. Open a door to the right and try topick up a ticket on the table (you can’t now).Go to jail again and tell him that a coffee maker doesnt belong to jail and he will let youpick it up (tell him because it belongs to saloon when he asks why he should do it). Nowuse coffee on coffee pot. Go to the entrance toBTS and use water tank with coffee maker. Usescrew on trolley. Now go to bank (a door nearjail’s door). Talk to cashier and loan somemoney from him; also try to open bank account.Now ride back to monastery and buy tobacco lightfrom French soldier. Now back to BTS and use trolley – you can drive to following locations:waterfall, Indian village, Fort and a cemetary.When you have visited one of these locations youcan get there clicking on the ‘map’ icon at thebottom of the screen and choosing a location togo to. Drive to cemetary. Pick up a rope. Talkto parrot. Give biscuits to parrot and pick parrot up after you do. Use pickaxe (to assembleit just use pick on picket at your inventory) onthe plot of land – the one which is the ‘mostfertile’ when you examine it. Look furrows. Nowleave and drive to Indian village. Pick up knife.Enter the closest tent via rip on its side. Pickup bottles (you get a magic cloud). Pick up candle. Exit tent. Talk to apache near totem pole.Talk to apache, guarding meeting in the leftmost tent – he will ask you to bring him an item. Nowdrive to ‘Forest’ location on map – there pickup fabric, hanging on tree (twice). Use knife onthe gum on other tree. Enter cabin. Pick up thefishing rod. Talk with Tom about whisky ingredi-ents. Exit cabin. Use fishing rod with river toget a horn. Drive to Fort Apache now. Talk with engine driver. Enter fort. Talk to Lieutinant. Open kitchen door. Open cupboard, pick up tabasco.Open a trap door on the roof. Use fishing rod ontrap door to fetch some dynamite. Talk to look-outguard to learn which musical instrument needs tobe played in order to lower the flag (answer:bugle).So use horn and pick up lowered flag. Now look atthe window in the center of the fort and talk toColonel Leconte. Next time you look in window givehim a flag. Exit fort. Now drive to Indian village.Give chewing gum to the apache, guarding meeting.Go inside. Agree to smoke a pipe of peace. Whenit will be your turn just use tobacco light withpipe. After scene enter other tent – the one youwasn’t before (in the distance). Look into the basket and pick up a box of matches. Return totent where you have smoken a pipe of peace andlook into cauldron – you will get barley seeds.Now go back to fort and enter colonel’s room.Move barrel to kick it to your trolley. Pick upfrench uniform and a sponge. Use sponge on alarmabove door to the left. Go to fort’s jail andtalk with sleepy jailer. Exit jail and enter alaundry which is run by a Chinese. Talk with himand give him french uniform for cleaning. Pickup a bowl of rice here and reenter laundry tocollect clean uniform. Examine uniform to finda key in pocket. Go to colonel’s room and unlockdoor with a key you have found. Examine safe. Goto kitchen and use logs on oven, matches on oven,coffee maker on hotplate and finally pick up thecoffee maker. Use rice on empty bowl on anotherhotplate. Now head to monastery and use coffeemaker on sleeping Mexican. You need to call himan impostor and ask him about revolutionaryhideout whereabouts. Now go to cemetary and usebarley seeds with furrows and then use magiccloud. Collect barley. Now go to BTS and use water tank with barrel. Use sugar with barreland then barley with barrel. Finally use ‘P’ signon barrel and deliver the barrel to whisky maker.At Indian village use empty bottle with barrel andtry to pick up a golden skull. After movie go backto Big Town and give balloon to old lady – she willmend it for you. Go to church. Use candle with can-delabra and use matches with candle. Use parrot onconfession box. Talk to parish and ask him to callFriar Anselmo. Then you can enter Anselmo’s roomand pick up a ticket. Open trunk and look inside -you will get a gun belt. Exit church and go intothe bank. Use cassock and talk to cashier. Try toretrieve golden skull from bank and when you aretold the safe is jammed tell him that you will tellother customers to retrieve their money from bank.Then put off cassock and tell the cashier that youwant to retrieve your money because Anselmo told you to – cashier will ask you to try unlocking astrong-box. In the vault use dynamite with handleand use matches with dynamite. BANG! Now go to saloon, go upstairs and use magic cloud. Go downand pick up a bucket. Now go to well and use buc-ket with well. Use handle. You will get a goldenskull. Examine it to pick a stethoscope from it.Now go into church, go to belfry (its in theupper left corner) and there click on Dickson’sbalcony to jump there. Open right drawer and lookinside (you get a manual). Read manual. Exit room.Open another door. Pick up pillows and rip them using a knife (one of them contains a fake 100$bill). Now go to canyon and talk to general. Give him a hat and gun belt. Enter a cave (itsjust above his head). Pick up cards. Exit cave.Now drive to waterfall. Climb up and use ropewith rock to get to the hidden cave. Click onbars to discover a hidden entrance to monastery.Drive to fort. Enter sergeant’s room – its inthe bottom right corner. Talk with sergeant andladies. Give a bottle to sergeant. Reenter roomand tell ladies that sergeant is drinking whisky.Then you can pick up a ‘Star Of Free Mexico’ medallion from a board. Look at it to get a cork-screw. Use corkscrew and tabasco bottle to openit. Now go back to general and give him medal.Also tell him where the hideout is and join himthere. Ask him about his plan and items you needto succeed. Give him a balloon. Exit cave.Go to saloon and talk to sheriff. Ask him to jointhe game and tell him you’ve got dollars. Then use chair. When the cards are dealt click on ‘OK’and then choose ‘C’ option and use cards with fake bill in your inventory. You will be arrested.Pick up a rock (just near your leg) and use it onPettyboom. Pick up a dart from Dickson’s ass. Usedart on the ring at the ceiling. Go to town. Go toBTS and open station door and try to enter. Nowclose/open/close etc door about 10 times (I knowits ridiculous but it freaking works…) keepingthe door closed at the end. Next go to signal andmove handle. If you did all correctly stationmasterwill die, if not, then try again a trick with door.Enter station and pick up a book from shelves. Lookat it. Use equipment. Exit door. After movie go tothe fort. Talk with warden about prisoners’ malnut-rition and he’ll ask you about food. Now go to kit-chen and use bottle of tabasco on bowl with rice.Exit kitchen and use triangle (just above the doorof kitchen). This should trick the warden. Now goand unlock jail door with jail key. Talk to Bullabout stethoscopes and he’ll tell you he could tryunlocking the safe. Now go to the patio and talkto soldiers. This should help Bull to sneak intothe room. Now go to colonel’s door and go to safe.After movie go to saloon and talk with Anselmoand Leconte. Tell them general’s plan for attack.Tell Anselmo about hidden cave in waterfall andgive uniform to Leconte. Now go to the hideoutand go to the tower to talk to general. Tell himyou have 1nd and 2nd tasks he gave you and thengo downstairs and just ‘use fabric’ to complete3rd task. Now go back to general and tell him youhave done everything. After movie click ‘opendoor’ in the distance. Once inside, open 1st dooron your left and enter. Use wheel. Pick up a ballfrom John Nodoffsky’s leg. Go back to general anduse rope on cannon. Move cannon. Use ball withcannon. Move cannon. Use rope on cannon to getback to general. Again enter monastery. Walk abit to the right and open the most distant door.Enter it. Open all 4 drawers and go to hose. Usehose and tap of barrel. Go through window. Usehose and another window – the one above mainentrance. Use hose on gunmen and then use matcheson books near them. Enter main entrance. Pick upgreen book and look at it. Go up the stairway anduse a key on the door. After movie move carpetand look at the drawing. Go left and move sunsymbol. Now go to the very right and enter cave.